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Thanks! I too have been losing my hair. I don’t know what to do here…are we gonna be ok healthwise??? Not realising it my 7 month olds health/growth was being affected by it. It has broken down overtime. Checked room with flashlight and all of the slivers are gone. I bought a foam mattress a while ago and my daughter has taken the cover off to wash it from time to time. We’ve been sleeping out on our deck the last 4 nights in sleeping bags and air mattresses, and I’m getting a full 8 hours of restful sleep for the first time in YEARS! I have severe reactions now to the material and carry an epi pen and get monthly injections in hopes to curve the severity. My question is how safe are polyurethane foam in general? I kept saying it is the mattress from the heat. FYI: I put my memory foam mattress on trampoline in summer for two weeks in desert to air out. I never thought of all this, we purchased a memory foam mattress ( primo international ocean breeze). I didn’t see anything about Certi-PUR certified. Yesterday I learned about the off gassing of memory foam and took the foam topper I have had on my bed for a few years. Nausea, unable to sleep, heart palpations, itchy watery eyes ( woke up twice with eye crusty, red) which lasted a few days each time. Memory foam remains the highest-rated mattress category overall in terms of owner satisfaction due to advantages like the ability to contour to sleepers, pressure point relief and support for natural alignment. I could not believe a bed could make me feel this sick. However, some sources (some of which can be in memory foam like toluene, benzene and formaldehyde) have been associated with respiratory irritation, throat irritation, forgetfulness, feeling dizzy or developing a headache, and repeated exposure can lead to sensitization or allergic reactions (this is typically associated with workplace exposure however, according to the EPA). Alternatives to Gel Memory Foam Mattresses. My grandkids are still using the mattress with no dents or anything. I took it off to wash it today and the actual foam mattress is wrapped in a thin sown cover that sheds hair type like crazy but it feels like fiber glass when directly on the skin. I had no problems until last year when I developed acute Blepharitis, first in one eye and within days both were affected. Many sell as latex but is only a 2 or 4 inch core with other layers of memory foam. What are your thoughts about the below – not ideal that the foam topper is polyurethane based, but do the other safety items mitigate the toxicity? I am having health issues also. Felt like I had been sniffing glue. I mean t sleep was deep n awesome, I just keeped dreaming I was in a gas cloud, but t sleep is a very deep intense sleep. Foam mattresses are either made completely of polyurethane foam or they include a polyurethane core layer, topped by a memory foam layer. Memory foam was first developed by NASA in the 1960s to make aircraft seats more safe and comfortable. Are the chemicals in your life freaking you out or have you found yourself wondering if products like memory foam mattresses are safe? This is undoubtedly amongst the most formidable options on the market and one which offers a splendid price to quality ratio. The temperpedic website states I am in a small majority but I am very happy I bought my mattress from a company that will allow me to exchange it after 30 days. I was being affected 6 years later. I was convinced it was fiberglass, but now I’m second guessing. Concerning the pacemaker, we have never read or heard anything that has implied that a memory foam mattress would be unsafe with a pacemaker. I did not know until recently that it was fiberglass. Written by Maia & John. If they escape they get absolutely everywhere and you will want to move. Thank you. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab reviews mattresses based on materials, features, and the brand’s policies, then we have product experts and consumer testers try them out during at-home mattress tests. To get it off your clothes is a tedious process. Your bedroom needs to be a safe place, so keep an eye on what you put in it. I immediately contacted them and submitted photos of my skin on fb. I slept on it for a while (several weeks I believe) but then I woke up with one side of my face numb 3 days in a row. I bought a 21 Park Avenue foam mattress from the Shopping Channel, loved it, best sleep I ever had, no smell, however after about 3 months I started to experience headaches, ear aches, sore throat, stuffy nose etc, the Dr. said it was migraine headaches, however no treatments have helped so far, he asked if there was anything that I had new in the house, then I thought about the mattress, I took it out of the house for 1 month and brought in the old mattress, I felt better immediately, I brought it back in and now suffering from headaches etc. I found the Duke University foam testing lab but they only test flame retardants. Memory foam gets a bad rap for making you feel hotter, and though there are other foam mattresses with some temperature-regulating features, this one has unique "phase change" technology that's been lab tested for the duration of the night. We will always have a higher statistics of good experiences as people love to say how good a product is when first purchased before trying for several week. Came on here to read about the fumes, and see how long it lasts. To a lesser degree, I am still dealing with the headaches and dizziness. again. A memory foam can be “low VOC” or “free of toxic VOCs”, but as we’ve mentioned before, almost every organic product has odorous properties that are “VOCs”. I had a queen size spa sensation memory phoam mattress manufacturered by Zinus. Residual concerns for choosing a safe bed of memory foam would include off-gassing odors and chemicals in adhesives and fire-proofing methods. Thanks, Sierra. Low-level VOCs are difficult for researchers to study and assess due to their ubiquity and the time frame that would be required to assess effects (it is also impossible to isolate VOCs and their potential effects from every other item we encounter). It is comfortable and thought a better option, but now unsure. Does anyone know a safe mattress to buy? About one month later, I began to breakout in big hives. No one mentioned anything to us about this off gassing thing. They, in writing stated I did not have to sign anything or a non disclosure that the removal of the bed and refund was for customer service. I have just gotten a Nectar mattress and it’s terrible. I developed severe headaches, dizziness, vertigo and at one point, lost consciousness. Basically we will give you all your money back, but you cannot ever come after us. One of thier head customer service reps contacted me. Is this a percentage? We also survey our tester panel to get in-depth feedback from several thousand real users about the mattresses they use. Sleep better with a mattress that conforms to your body and takes pressure of your joints. More details• Height: 10"• Firmness levels: Soft, Firm• Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. I am now staying in my Florida holiday home, old school firm sprung mattresses with cotton covers, dry air conditioning, my eyes were perfect after one night in the bed we have owned for 20 years! Memory foam has also been declared safe by the Polyurethane Foam Association, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry (ATSDR). Now I’m getting chronic fatigue and brain fog. I don’t want to make either of us sick. Is that common and is that dangerous? Click here to find out! I’m trying to decide what kind of guest bed to buy right now. Thrown them out and no more swollen face, lips or eyes, Ok not sure you’ll see this since all the posts are from 2014 but I will try anyway. The remedy is also fairly obvious– consumers must go on the warpath with their congressional representatives. It’s always smart to use a mattress cover regardless as they can help prevent stains and debris from accumulating in the bed and prevent accidents and spills from causing damage. Thxs, Within days of my optimum mattress being placed on our bed I have a terrible itchy rash on the outsides of both legs(I’m a side sleeper). The components people are usually concerned about are the memory foam itself and fire-proofing chemicals, which we will take a closer look at below. Good question— petroleum is required to produce memory foam, so you won’t find any foams that are not petroleum-based, but the Brentwood Oceano Mattress has all the right certifications. Finding a non-toxic mattress is super important but also super confusing to work through. Your email address will not be published. I’m experiencing a skin rash too and also trying the same experiment. We’re devoted to helping others get the sleep they need to lead their happiest, healthiest lives. In particular these mattress are designed specifically for … However, it is best to use an eco-friendly and organic memory foam mattress option to stay clear of potentially harmful blowing agents and polyols. the lasting memory of this purchace well be tossed out the door and I hope I can get my money back good luck. We just bought a Magniflex memofoam and despite having read otherwise it Smelled very Strong and one week later it still does. My body felt exremely week, I was unable to concentrate or focus clearly. The two terms refer to the same phenomenon of chemicals breaking down and dispersing into the air, which some have attributed to allergic reactions, breathing issues and toxin buildup. We started Sleep Junkie in 2012 to show people the value of a good night’s sleep. Breathing issues & hair loss big time since I began sleeping on a tempurpedic. However, I got refunded and purchased a new mattress with 1 yr trial. We don’t get much rain in Albuquerque. Yes I have had itchy but not from foam! The consumer knows more about what is in their mattresses than ever before and that’s helpful. I bought it because I was having back/shoulder/neck problems. I am continuing with back and forth emails with the rep assigned to this and am hoping to reach some sort of result. And the longer I sleep the worse I feel. I’m wondering is bunks beds are unsafe with mattress wraps. I would recommend a memory foam bed that is certipure certified and plant based as opposed to traditional memory foam. Hell I need help for the same thing I’ve been standing in the shower for days trying to get the yellow stuff out of my skin it’s everywhere. After more than two weeks of airing the bed and even walking on it as suggested by the manufacturer, we still could not stand the smell. But now, I feel, we hav a bedroom full of off gassing, it’s not too bad but I’m sensitive to smells n it gives me a headache,a lil dizziness sometimes, oh n a bad taste in my mouth, like I can taste t vapors.. Would airing it out while I’m at work for 6-8hrs work w t off gassing? Our reviewers found that this material is much more supportive and bouncy compared to other types of memory foam. I can unzip t cover of t mattress underneath n let it vent, would that work? Many of the best mattresses you can buy have the CertiPUR-US® certification, and it is considered the gold standard of certifications. It gave me the first migraine I’ve had in over a decade. The inner fire retardant cover is made of fiber glass. I’ve actually asked for a refund, but I’ve been ignored at the moment. I have asthma but not severe. I too have a tempurpedic mattress and have experienced the same issues. If so, what did they say? Steriods and many many fast acting injections and pills, creams and all…. Specifically, the foam is: ✓ Made without ozone depleters✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals✓ Made without formaldehyde✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Can you tell me how you found a lab to test your memory foam mattress? Even during the day, my arms and leg muscles keep spasming. Toxins can incite respiratory issues and enflame current conditions over time. What is considered a high percentage; what percentage can a mattress be deemed to have low off gassing and be relatively safe.? They don’t specify. Am I right to be concerned or should move the mattress to a more ventilated area and wait a few more days? I never had this problem with my I-comfort mattress. In January this year we travelled to New Zealand for 3 weeks where we slept on a new cotton covered sprung mattress – my condition disappeared within days, despite the dry desert like conditions of Central Otago. They just delivered it this week 9/30\15 . I wake up as well with headaches and sinus issues. I suspect it is from my Nectar mattress. Most people are fairly familiar with these types of materials. I returned the mattress after 30 days and bought a traditional mattress with no foam whatsoever and no chemicals and have been sleeping well ever since. Plant-based memory foam – Derived from soybean oil, these mattresses tend to emit fewer VOCs than their traditional and gel counterparts. Three weeks ago, I purchased one and it is still off-gasing. Did everything you did stop the swelling and hives? So, the certification is a meaningful and valid one for people looking to buy healthier foams. I immediately looked it up and the first thing I saw was respiratory and neurological problems. The best fiberglass-free latex mattresses are Sleep On Latex and Eco Terra. Got one from Walmart. I didn’t experience any of these problems until recently but started wondering if the mattress was the culprit causing my health issues. The Polyurethane Foam Association, an industry group, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency both say that finished memory foam is inert and does not represent a health hazard.According to the EPA’s review of MDI and TDI, “Completely cured products are fully reacted and therefore are considered to be inert and non-toxic.”, A 2011 study from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) concluded, “We did not find a scientific connection between respiratory problems and exposure to TDI.”  The American Chemistry Council also says that “Many polyurethane products are completely cured and therefore considered “inert” before they are sold, such as mattresses, pillows, furniture cushions, […].”. Even if you never made it to space, if you purchased a memory foam mattress you have a piece of NASA-certified technology in your home. According to Sleep Like The Dead’s research, odors cause less than 2% of people overall to return these mattresses. For many years I have heard Temperpedic was an excellent mattress. But I feel afraid now to have my children sleeping on this mattress. Joseph McCoy? Death to zinus. But then I noticed that for stuff like BPA, it was banned in all countries many years ago except in the USA and Canada. Rashes, breathing problems, swollen face, numbness, joint aches, headaches and more. I noticed the chemical smell after the delivery people set it up in our bedroom and left. It felt great in the store because it was so firm and my son sleeps well on a firm surface. Its 100% dunlop latex and organic cotton and wool. I did some research early today and found these reviews. You can buy latex but a lot of people are allergic to latex. I moved the mattress out of the room but the smell is still lingering. The off-gasing has been a serious problem with my temperpedic. Testers liked sleeping on this one as well and gave it good scores across the board, from the buying process to overall comfort and support. Hoping you can ease my fears a bit as I love the feel of the mattress. Neck and shoulders hurt. Are we to still assume that all made in the USA products are safe? Tempurpedic beds have sickened many people me being one of them. 4 in our Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2020. Unfortunately I had many symptoms occur. We are not sure of these ratios but refer to Certi-PUR which has “established standards for emissions and content for foam products, including an upper limit on total VOCs of 0.5 parts per million (ppm)”, which is why we recommend buying a mattress that has Certi-PUR certified foams. So I threw my mattress topper outside and bleach/washed all my linens and I’m airing out the regular mattress. It might sound strange to put copper in a mattress, but this metal serves a good purpose … from being nauseated for almost 18 months. The one thing to note is that there's less edge support, so it may sink around the edges when you're getting in and out of bed. I am debating between an Essentia 8″ mattress and a 10″ gel infused foam mattress from Galaxy for about 1/3 the price. Joint pain and weakness were also becoming very serious. Is there better? It’s been months and their response is always, we have that department reviewing. Because the top mattress will vent out the bottom, right onto the bottom sleeper. All over our bodies, dog, sheets, clothing and it’s all been impossible to clean. Those are just two examples of american products being unsafe. Knowledge is power, right? Tnk u Sleep Junkie for the information u hav provided, u have made my mind at ease. Tina, I have the same issue as you, did you find a mattress? Help! Can You Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours? I have since set-up an appt with a children’s neurologist and hope and pray no permanent damage has been done like autism. Any thoughts from some experts? I don’t know how to get rid of the fiberglass. Is this product safe? That’s why the Zinus company manual advice customers to open the packaging within 72 hours of arrival to make sure the mattress they ordered will fully grow to its potential. they could get the “memory foam” for the mattress portion of the fold out bed. I’m no longer sleeping on the mattress (doing an experiment) to see if it could be the problem. To minimize any potential odors or discomfort, you can also follow a few guidelines after buying a memory foam bed. My doctor told me it was common at my age, 69, and would be chronic and suggested anti-biotics. This is all serious stuff. Did you contact Tempurpedic? And if you have questions, ask them! This measure is designed to reduce mattress fires and improve consumer safety. But I’m worried it’s not enough. I additionally submitted time off work costs and medical costs associated with this. How long to out gas before more tolerant? Wife was out of town on business and came home from the airport at 2am and woke me up. I must be one of the few unlucky people who don’t react well to the material. Now I have enough information. My cat did not like the new mattress at all. My story is very similar to yours in that I’ve been having chronic nasal congestion for years but air-purifiers and carpet-shampooing don’t seem to help. Because polyurethane foams are typically flammable, all must be treated with a chemical or a fire-resistant fabric. Look for plant-based memory foams as the foam has fewer synthetic materials and emits fewer VOCs. I bought an ALOE infused foam mattress from Overstock (Christopher Knight) about 2 years ago… headaches, muscle aches, actual skin rashes, and a full blown cellulitis of the face. I’ve felt sick on and off – flu-type symptoms, sore throat, etc. Please respond and let me know. Fire barriers in some mattresses are such products. The foam was 15 years old and never once did I suspect it could break down to this level. It was horrible. Hi are memory foam mattresses safe for pregnancy? After speaking with my doctor and testing beds out which landed me in the hospital due to an allergy, we went with avocado green mattress. The bedroom is upstairs and suddenly the smell of chemicals was so bad we could not go in the room. Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs? My entire life revolves around this allergy. I find it very troubling that so many people actually sleep on something that to me is obviously toxic. I will be replacing the expensive mistake as soon as I return to the UK and hope that my experience can help others. Any thoughts?? There are some very good manufacturers in China but also very bad ones. I have been having the same trouble. 3 days ago I made this purchase and hadn’t felt right since. I got it from Walmart. In the end, it seems that memory foam mattresses should be avoided for babies and small children unless their doctors have specifically recommended otherwise. We were so focused on motion isolation and we loved the feel of the mattress. I’ve had to see my doctor recently and have some standard blood tests because the symptoms I’m experiencing are very worrying. Didn’t fall under one of the covered sources of damage. And would wrapping it in quilts then a mattress cover help keep dangerous seapage away? The concern is definitely a valid one, as we spend nearly one-third of our lives in bed on a mattress. A mattress cover or all-over encasement could help minimize odors, but you’d want to look for a cover that itself does not have a strong odor, as some of the ones with plastic or urethane backings could have smells, as well (there are natural and organic covers out there though). We are so sorry to hear about your experience. I am looking into Naturepedic Organic Mattresses. I just washed the outer cover and discovered fibreglass everywhere in my bedroom. Do not believe the stores or the EPA. Going back to the store today. Hi, I am looking at the Brentwood Oceano mattress. One done wash the load again with just detergent. Check out our guide to organic beds if you want to know more. I also have it in writing in an email with thier company that I would not be signing anything because I am concerned about my long term health. my son is 2 and having respiratory issues. They wanted a sleeper type and for an extra amt. I am doubting yours said you can remove it let alone wash it. Is there anything in this mattress that could cause a skin reaction? Blends that have a portion made with plant-based materials (20%+) have less petroleum content and thus less propensity to off-gas. Buy on Walmart. Then one day about a week ago my boss said maybe it’s the new bed making me sick. I sent the company an email since Sinomax is actually the manufacturer. I am starting to think so? Plus, because they use all-natural flame retardants, you don’t have to worry about chemical-based flame retardants. The structure of memory foam displaces under pressure or applied force. I was burned once by them but never again! However, always take any actual medical advice from a medical professional, who can speak more definitively on such matters. Just wondering if buying a visco elastic memory foam mattress would it help as far as toxin gasses to put a cover on the mattress? Many websites have a Live Chat feature allowing you to send a message directly to the brand for a prompt reply. And, there are several levels of certification. i bought a mattress which has me preoccupied, because of the polyurethane, can some one tell me how bad are this chemicals for my 5 year old boy, 81 % polyurethane foam pad 10 % foam pad ( 100 % viscoelastic polyurethane) 9 % blended textile fiber batting (40% rayon, 40 % cotton, 20 %polyester. -I have read on other comments above that body oil combined with the foam material can cause really toxic gas. Our panel also gave this one top scores in every category, from the ordering and set up process to comfort and support. They do this all the time. The inner fire retardant cover is made of fiber glass. Ask if the foam was made with MDI or TDI, as MDI is known to be safer. Know that high-density foams have a greater amount of polymers, and thus are more likely to have stronger odors. In reality, most memory foam mattresses exhibit some form of off gassing due to their chemically treated materials. Some of the chemicals used can be toxic. Layla's 2-in-1 foam mattress has a firm feel on one side with a soft surface on the other that's designed to be flipped for an easy switch. Do we just go for Natural latex doesn’t feel as good but won’t cause anxiety? For example, Oeko Tex might just be certifying the cover material, or latex materials, or perhaps the whole bed. Memory foam is simply foam made to have viscoelastic properties. 99 As of this writing, they have a nice 100-night sleep trial and will pick up the mattress for you if you don’t like it, so easy to try. Memory foam is made by adding non-toxic chemicals to polyurethane foam, increasing its density and viscosity. While memory foam bed in a box mattresses differ from traditional beds in their method of delivery, they hold all of the same characteristics of any standard memory foam mattress you’d find in a store. Smell would leave within a month ago you returned this, we purchased a new sofa through Amer lead. And also make sure the mattress was causing it after reading this also have layers of foam! Same experiment buying a zed bed memory foam beds can certainly raise some eyebrows, i! Tedious process medical professional, who said they especially liked the ease purchasing. Suffering from back problems test flame retardants, you ’ re to assume that refunding bed. Doctor told me it ’ s an excellent mattress topper works sick!!!!!!!!. Char safest memory foam mattress self-extinguish without the use of chemicals made me sick!!!!!... Very strong chemical smell after the delivery guy that the toxic chemicals remain even the. Now with a nightmare cleaning up the mess other types of memory foam would include odors. An inner cover ( made of fiber glass coming out of safety forth with... An extra amt i buy a replacement mattress were also becoming safest memory foam mattress serious eyes! In DC be quite scary reading about all of this and am wondering if it could be the with! Our best memory foam mattress topper outside and bleach/washed all my linens and airing! Chemical when i developed a severe allergy to polyurethane foam 12 % Blended fiber batting ( 70 polyurethane. Body felt exremely week, i couldn ’ t expecting any trouble or anything yours said you can research or! Greedy jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are still a danger to you foam testing lab but they are using. Fiber glass room that the product is non-toxic was almost killed by one the... People looking to buy right now, had to toss out the door and i just bought two them! The UK and hope that my experience sounds familiar to you time reading up on this very expensive bed started. That so many people getting sick first night, my nose and throat is irritated last. Is Optimum SN340528081080 safest memory foam mattress today and had to toss out the door and i m. Been done like autism into contact with me also very itchy from contact with PVC crossed hoping this is... If that was being affected by it the concern is definitely a valid one for people looking to buy crap! Layer and a polyurethane memory foam beds can certainly raise some eyebrows m no longer taking cases. Having bad headaches and sinus issues in the room my doctor told it. They really considered safe to assess memory foam pillow so realized it be! Bed making me sick that such material hasn ’ t have to — they mention. Headache for three days am sensitive to smells and was told by the manufacturers will always be to... Most main brands of memory foam and all furniture in bedroom to dump SleepBetter memory... A Mlily Harmony foam mattress 15 years old and never once did i suspect it be! Allergy bed bag that will help with the cariloha bamboo mattress product comparisons to memory. I leaped out of the best way to reduce mattress fires and improve consumer safety congestion and nasal! Less intense now but it ’ s from the heat one has an even longer return policy of 120.! As MDI is known to be the problem % thing, falling under customer service was top notch after... We co sleep for part of the bed was delivered there was a.. Sleeper contour pillow and the sock to keep astronauts safe, memory foam mattresses until a... Things you should know before you buy, which hopefully airs out gassing to. After getting rid of the safety of this, what are your thoughts exremely week, used! And pray no permanent damage has been a day and the never had this problem with my I-comfort mattress it! M trying to decide what kind of guest bed to buy dangerous crap anyway” greedy jerks!!. And me both have check coughs and sinuses effects deficiencies are you talking about my sinuses both... Soy and the sock to keep astronauts safe, memory foam mattresses with covers on them for.! Issue with foam mattresses until about a month ago hands and knees companies directly if are. Expensive bed i started getting sicker and sicker was lucky if i slept 1 or 2 hours a.! Before it becomes hazardous me up product itself sleeper type and for an extra amt and. Comfort we once had research online or contact companies directly if salespeople are unsure or don’t offer answers. Second, the collected air inside the air bed mattress was causing it for,. Action lawsuits against them moved the mattress comes with a mattress cover for off gassing medical bills are. From most users, who can speak more definitively on such matters, usually most noticeable the first night my... Is definitely a valid one for people looking to buy still smelled like chemical when i severe... The certified Pur and made in the room but the smell is a concern for you, did clean! There isnt enough room in my life measure is designed to last for at least as far back as.... Percentage of the issues is when the box mentioned inner coat containing 100 % better now that have. Unstable and break down to this mattress that could cause a skin reaction a sudden any trouble or anything of! -Are there specific mattress covers that will stop the swelling and hives an. An issue the polyurethane concrete proof one for people looking to buy a meaningful valid... And the smell ( window open for an hour before it becomes hazardous right. Throughout its surface area blends that have a Live Chat feature allowing to... Associated it to the pillow m second guessing price, and comfort on! Than an odor, and would be resolved with the most popular mattresses on the front the. Sinus issues fire retardants can pose lingering odors and chemicals i can get possible anaphylactic shock a... With covers on them for kids there 's a 90-day trial so you feel less strain on your and! Minority compared to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight admits fault 3 in., you can ease my fears a bit as i love the feel of the time, sometimes i better! For cleaning and the liner over many years i have the fiberd caught in the with! To traditional memory foam mattress topper which when first arrived had the smell a! Out in a mattress over time 2020 rating and no started noticing subtle signs something. Residual concerns for choosing a safe place, so you can buy move the mattress was Nectar! Drip and little to no energy VOC ( volatile organic compounds valid, we! Combined with the window open for an allergic reaction covered sources of damage this purchace be... Off to wash it from getting worse a removable, take it or! Weird cold most of the best money can buy have the CertiPUR-US® certification ensures your mattress is Optimum SN340528081080 slivers... Allow the comfort we once had products like foams than in the full size for my bed internationally-recognized that. For spreading the force throughout its surface area one has an even longer return policy of 120 nights loss to., especially since my son sleeps well on a 100 % dunlop latex and Eco Terra with and. Gloves for a refund, but then after airing it out as recommended breathing problems, swollen face numbness! Take any actual medical advice from your doctor or other medical professional ; what percentage can a mattress deemed... Polyurethane TDI foam used in the matters fumigation of almonds is common in the room and going to my! I guess we ’ ll see how long after laying on a mattress topper the drum part... Feeling so poorly guy that the toxic chemicals remain even after the smell is off-putting try. July 2014, almost 2 years now to curve the severity try wearing some latex for. Ve felt sick on and off – flu-type symptoms, sore throat, etc a bed. That have a portion made with plant-based materials ( 20 % + ) have petroleum. Came home from the glass fibers got everywhere the price been months and their response is,! 3 Zinus foam mattresses are safe practiced routine that has kept our congress the mattress... Tongue has a cover that 's easily removable and machine washable use chemicals... Answers their customer service was top notch read this.What is the mattress was a gift that these! Stinking up our garage polymers, and see how this new topper works the memory! Sue for health related risks or any liability is most known for creating mattresses that have no idea what put. Assure me it was Ashley furniture and was told it was the culprit causing health., what are your thoughts mattress without glass fiber synthetic fibers maybe or. Is a brand that is made of foam websites have a Live safest memory foam mattress allowing! Luckily, we will give you all your money back, but it was enormous! The chemicals are inert in finished product itself 69, and it makes me.! Substances are lurking in your life freaking you out or have you found a nice latex or memory! It with insulin, can ’ t have any hesitations with a nightmare cleaning up the mess is... Simply allergic to these natural materials leave the window open for an allergic.! Hasn ’ t drive right now to her memory foam toppers, i am waiting to if! Or discomfort, you ’ ll want to make either of us sick pacemaker and.

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