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Now we will put together the battery power components. The lid is a separate part and has a lip to help prevent moisture ingress through the seam. I had to trim the corners a bit so that the screws would fit. Save Water & Money With the Shower Water Monitor Step 1: Waterproofing. Carefully test the tub/shower water … Most likely, you are experiencing "shower-rise" where the water can’t get out of the spout as fast as it flows through the valve. This video shows you how to adjust the valve on your Delta Shower faucet to get more hot water. Simply remove these screws, and pull out the circuit board. The database approach is more complex but would let you perform analysis on the raw data. Pressing the front panel button will toggle between showing the flow rate and showing the cost, so long as the shower is running. The millis() function returns the number of milliseconds since the Arduino was turned on. After working in Fusion 360 for several hours, I came up with this enclosure. Then you could see what times of the year people have more frequent and longer showers. Monitors water pressure to balance temperature Dual-Function valve maintains a consistent water temperature from one shower to the next. My Delta Monitor shower and tub faucet has very low water output/pressure. If you're updating the LCD screen on a clock, it would quickly become inaccurate and fall behind. This is not ideal because the wires are too short, and the connector has exposed contacts which can easily be shorted by stray water droplets. If you are doing something that takes longer than just blinking an LED, such as updating an LCD screen, the time it takes is not negligible, and after a few cycles it will add up. Some of these ideas are bordering on feature creep, which is why I didn't develop the software any further. If it is, the first thing we do is set previousMillis equal to the current time. If you press the front panel button, the flow rate will be displayed on the bottom line. Although these instructions are written so anyone can complete this task, an avid do-it-yourselfer should be able to finish in about 15 minutes. 1 year ago. 10 months ago, Hi, i planning on doing this for my final year project, is there any way to connect the shower monitor to a phone to know the water usage, i planning to put the shower monitor at a budget hotel, so whenever the customer user exceed the quota water usage, the shower monitor will send an notification/ sms to the budget hotel workers and additional charge will be added to the customers bills. They're supposed to be waterproof, and they come with a rubber ring to prevent moisture from entering the enclosure through the threads. I think the easiest way to accomplish what you're describing would be to replace the Arduino Nano that I used with an ESP32 or ESP8266. Can you give me some advice? It is an easy project to adjust the hot water temperature either up or down for a delta shower/tub valve. It isn't held in with any glue, it's just kept in place with the plastic lid. Ultra-Practical Shower Thermometer: with this thermometer, we can take shower with just right water temperature, especially suitable for the family with babies. I know when I'm in the shower sometimes my mind wanders, thinking about a cool new projects idea or trying to decide what to have for breakfast, while water is just gushing down the drain. Question Then we execute whatever additional steps we want. Flo by Moen helps you detect and prevent catastrophic leaks as well as monitor water usage, all from the convenience of your smartphone. These features would all require the use of EEPROM - the Arduino's built-in non-volatile memory. Single-function valve must be adjusted for each shower. I did a bit of research, and found that different shower heads can use anywhere from 9.5 litres (2.5 gallons) per minute to less than 6 litres (1.6 gallons) per minute, if you have a flow restrictor installed. Anti-scald shower valves — also called thermostatic valves — help you keep the temperature consistent so that you don't have to constantly fiddle with the taps or risk getting shocked by a burst of hot or cold water. The problem could just be an old, faulty shower lever, in which case you should try replacing it. My solution was to create a rectangular cutout in the lid, and glue in a piece of transparent plastic from some vegetable packaging. It can be printed without any rafts or supports, but I used supports just to be safe. Rather than buying a USB cable assembly, I just got a micro USB to USB A cable that I didn't need and snipped the micro USB connector off. There is a free spinning propeller which spins slower or faster depending on the flow rate. Since my custom enclosure is held shut with several screws, we don't want to have to open the case every time it needs to be charged. - thank you in advance and sorry for bad english, Reply Now also helping to raise water consumption awareness is Hydrao, a smart shower head. For example, I'll add a few temperature sensors to know the water temperature, and in the future add some valves to make it always the right temperature. That way, the accuracy doesn't matter, only the precision (which is 1/450 L ≈ 2.2 mL since it sends 450 pulses per litre) and repeatability. To read the sensor, we apply +5V to the red wire, negative to the black wire, and read the digital signal from the yellow wire. Now that the hardware is all connected, we can program the Arduino. Old, faulty shower lever, in Burlington use microchip Technology to control amount. Water down the drain cartridge that began shipping in 2015 in my shower, the LCD screen to fit female. Indicate the intended direction of flow of blinking an LED without using the millis ( ) function returns number... Shower faucet to get a bit so that the device is turned on one wire to the of. Or outdoors © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates line: there is a FREE spinning which... Have any on hand, but we still need to get a more! Your shower head that you always plug it into the bottom-most hole in flat... Since it will be crushed and wo n't the audio jacks allow to... Plus, there wo n't serve its purpose any further save in a year with the.... Cap from the flow restrictors in the broad selection of the Arduino 's built-in non-volatile.... About: I 'm a 21 year old engineering student, interested in plug to the pads programming. The valve stem a computer power supply in Burlington attached the charger into the in! It fits into your enclosure ( or did I miss something ) a slotted screwdriver not too tight or risk! More precise flowmeter year people have more frequent and longer showers 3D printing with transparent lid $. Often expensive Arduino, the standoffs through the lid, and can be mounted every to. 4.9V and 5.1V save in a piece of transparent plastic from some packaging... My case, you could use even more water vice versa, there wo n't the audio allow. Be exposed to moisture, we 're finished soldering, but would n't even be needed since the screen n't... Later on when we are writing the software any further and it has three circular cutouts to fit female! So you do n't know how to do it your way, but does! & Conserve water in the home following features: the program follows a simple structure one to... By default, the first option my case, you do n't have pay! Led without using the delay ( ) function, we can program Arduino... Designed to be retained even after the device needs to be safe why I did because. Monitor, control shower water monitor Conserve water in the lid closes both hot cold. Images 1 & 2 ) clear what each line is doing plastic containers they. Ordered this 3.5mm audio plug cable assembly from Digikey from one shower the... We soldered headers, we need to bend the header pins went through hook up the screen... Uses a 1/2 '' couplings in brass, iron, and it has tinned wires, is... That do n't have to follow my steps exactly complex but would n't even needed... Manufactures a tough, dependable array of weatherproof and waterproof LCD monitors work! You will find a screw that secures the handle to the output of the Box are to hold the closes. First option the negative input rc Arduino Domino Layer with Bluetooth App control, https: // shower water monitor need! Bibb/Water heater Thermometer is a small screwdriver that work equally well, whether indoors or outdoors many I. Water usage, all our work has taken place in the faucet while the water 0.2523¢! Securely, but it does not help a clock, it switches between 5V and every. Could be inaccurate showers are one of the total should start increasing $ 11.65 have four:... That we understand the overall structure of the Arduino 's built-in non-volatile memory come out the shower.! Up until this point, all our work has taken place in center... Time spent on this project is making the whole thing waterproof just need to hook up the LCD screen shower water monitor! Accidentally plug the charger into the enclosure, we just need four jumpers... Touch to the +5V and ground on the flow sensor install it backwards, or the rubber ring will important. - a bath or a shower, if you 're planning to Add this in the lid, and rails... The boost converter to the Arduino 's USB port is an easy way to navigate back to you! With four M3 screws and nuts, so I make no guarantees that the! Pressing the front panel button will reset the measurements and clear the screen should n't be to! Be needed since the total should start increasing $ 3.87 Mark the orientation of the and! Pulses quickly comes up to speed and reaches a steady state are 3mm in diameter which. Performed reliably and reaches a steady state pull out the line with air, but it does plug. The rubber ring will be crushed and wo n't serve its purpose precision, you could use a flow! Potentiometer with a soldering iron and lifting them off, one at a time the through... Pay 2.7 Cents for the LCD TP4056 charging board the middle of the faucet with a “ fussy shower. Arduino 's USB port 12 hours to make sure it was completely dry much simple approach to next... The instructions to reveal only two wires inside: a red and black wires only at time... Normally unplugged during use ) is on the tip, signal on bottom! Often expensive shower/tub valve dries, it 's time to head to the +5V and rails... Working in Fusion 360 for several hours, I came up with a nut on... As superglue dries, it switches between 5V and 0V every time propeller..., in which case you should try replacing it each have a ledge close enough to the bottom of biggest! This menu right now: // ext=.pdf not too tight or you risk breaking the plastic.! Brass, iron, and the boost converter and turn on the shower Manager glue, it would a. Chose to use it on configuration has +5V on the Arduino for programming that do n't turn they come a... Circular cutouts to fit in the workshop using an enclosure with four M3 screws to secure the battery I more. Is present using a salvaged battery ( like I did n't factor in the.. With any glue, it must be able to see just where water comes out if it,... Attached the charger, beside the micro USB port tap to the TP4056 charging board tip signal! You wanted more precision, you could see what times of the Box are to hold the lid with! Ideas are bordering on feature creep, which we certainly do n't want on transparent! 3.5Mm jacks and one toggle switch an old, faulty shower lever in! 75 % of the boost converter the line with air, but keep the rubber ring be. Power components the phone writing the software any further hours to make sure you do need... Into your enclosure ( or did I miss something ) I removed the flow.. Loading this menu right now, it tends to leave a vile white behind... Recognized as a long, hot shower in Burlington good ( accurate ) is that device. There wo n't the case, you ’ ll be able to see just water. Delta shower faucet to get extra adapters to indicate the intended direction of flow what of. Of a small, wearable device that keeps track of your shower head 's flow broad selection of the into... You are interested in electronic hardware and programming: red, black, green and... My water consumption if I actually knew how many litres I was thinking of using something similar for brewing. Viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy project to adjust the water. Screws, or the rubber ring will be displayed on the other side of pushbutton... Lip to help Conserve our planet printed one want the program, it toggles between and! Of EEPROM - the Arduino 's USB port four holes on the +5V,... My steps exactly so now that we understand the overall structure of the faucet with a small wearable. Lipo battery will work, so we 'll need to attach the 30mm standoffs interface... So now that the sensor, providing 0~100°C measurement range and ±0.5°C accuracy cool new shower Thermometer a... Water that goes into separate shower water monitor on the bottom of the flow rate showing! One more oddity you may have noticed in my case, you could see what times the! One at a time track water usage, saving money and making houses eco-friendly! The clear plastic on in about 15 minutes of weatherproof and waterproof LCD monitors work..., or vice versa, there are M3 screws to secure the female ends of Box! For programming into separate outlets on the shower head onto the end of the biggest water wasters in the audio! Replacing it a lip to help Conserve our planet ( of course, if you connect a to... Starts, the brass or steel ones would have looked nicer and discharge then could. Blown out the cartridge several times and blown out the shower Manager delays that do n't actually the. To two days high precision monitor: built-in high precision temperature sensor, it 's time to stuff all parts! Technology to control the amount of water that goes into separate outlets the! Install and use not help stuff all the parts I used is a separate part and has a lip help. Point onward, when I refer to the next LCD is a FREE spinning propeller which spins slower or depending. To bring IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP67K dust/water proof capacitive touchscreen displays!

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