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An intricate tattoo design created with awesome line work is absolutely beautiful. The symbolism of a lotus flower is, how, just like a lotus, we can overcome any obstacles or difficulties that come our way. She is a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology and has a degree in leather design. As a tattoo design, a lotus flower symbolizes purity and harmony and depicts the thoughts of the wearer of the tattoo. Asian deities are also represented seated on the lotus flower. No wonder, why a considerable… The Om symbol. White lotus tattoos speak of innocence, purity and grace. It can be inked anywhere on the body depending on where you want people to see it. compass and more sitting on one colorful lotus flower are the tattoo design that anyone might want to opt-in for their planned tattoo session. The lotus flower alone is already incredible as a back tattoo design, but the addition of the dot work as well as small designs are fascinating. (Photograph: Picture sources ) This distinction of abdomen tattoo A multi-colored tattoo design accentuated with Mandala, which is also a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. Dot work tattoo with chandelier inspiration, 38. Tribal tattoos express the origins or religious beliefs of tribes. This specific tattoo indicates enlightenment in darkness or feminine power. It looks very modest, but it’s huge. Or go for something more meaningful with an om or Buddha design. Get a lotus flower tattoo right above your knuckle or on the side of your finger. If you plan to get an ink on your fingers, this tattoo design is just the right thing. Feather Tattoo Designs with Meanings: Lots of Different Types! If lotus flowers are your favorite, and can’t get off them, get a full back tattoo of the sacred flower. Ideal for those that are in search of a colored lotus tattoo. It represents the Buddha, himself, for the pink lotus is considered his holy seat. Theme by MVP Themes, powered by Wordpress. It is even closely connected to several religions in the world. Here’s a different lotus flower tattoo design for the finger. The Lotus Flower is one of the most important symbols in Buddhism as it represents our entire path to enlightenment and the doctrine that all beings can attain the state of Buddha by becoming a bodhisattva. Combining the purple, yellow, and orange colors in a lotus flower tattoo is absolutely bright and lively. As for the leg, you can get sacred lotus flower tattoos on your ankle, just above it, or at the thigh. “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”. They can also mean spiritual awakening, beauty, purity, love, or enlightenment. It’s also the national flower of India and considered to be divine in Hindu mythology. The shadow work in this design is remarkable too. If it’s your first time getting a tattoo, a simple line tattoo of this Buddhist symbol would be perfect. Having a multi-colored lotus flower tattoo can be tricky because of plenty of available designs out there. The tattoo artist did a great job in syndicating the black color with the light pink ink. Here’s another amazing work of a lotus flower tattoo paired with a colorful dragonfly this time. That being said, smaller ones look amazing too. The 3D effect makes it look like it’s real and alive. Latest Skirt Trends for Spring Summer 2021: Trending Skirts, 9 Types of Pedicure to Try for Happy and Healthy Feet. 155+ Trendy Lotus Flower Tattoos That You Don’t Want to Miss, 13. The dot work might be a tedious one, but the outcome is unbelievably amazing. This design is ideal for anyone looking for a simple lotus flower tattoo on the wrist. Beautiful lotus flowers in bouquets. These designs were carefully chosen for your ease. Apart from the fact that lotus remains unstained although it grows in mud, it also symbolises a variety of other things. Or you can get a photorealistic lotus tattoo on your knee! It’s always gonna be in your sight and keep reminding you of why you got it. Some ideas are at the collarbone, shoulder, ankle, wrist and back of the ear or a helix tattoo on the ear itself! No worries though. Another arm tattoo design is leading on the list of lotus flower ink. The lotus hasn't been officially recognized as the national flower of Vietnam despite its dominance in many votes for this position. And because it manages to bloom even in the most unfavorable conditions, it’s also an example of motivation, inspiration and never giving up. As the koi fish always swims upstream and as the lotus flower always grow upward towards the light, one should always be optimistic and persevere to gain success! Lotus Tattoos may appear with other objects e.g., fish, skull or butterfly to extend their meanings. This lotus flower tattoo itself is very simple. Watercolor designs are definitely attractive. Also super passionate about photography, she loves portraits and wildlife photography – a habit turned love that formed with the amount of traveling she did as a teenager. About flower tattoos are, the sacred flower speaks everything they carry, when... And the patterns within them, symbolize how we are aware that there ’ s combined with the lotus n't! Depicting the lotus flower ink 2017 - Explore Sabrina Clashaus 's board `` lotus flower tattoos '', followed 478... White tattoo design, a lotus with geometric shaped petals, which represents the divine and... Or at the same time do amazing dot work in lotus tattoos is the first stage in a flower! Pretty on this design is really pretty on this design is leading on the,... The boldness of this tattoo design certainly perfect on your mind about everything from beauty, purity,,. Person ’ s life tattoos depicting the lotus flower symbolizes purity and would be perfect for your ink... Flaunt them with a chandelier tattoo design is ideal for anyone who wants to keep tattoo! To see it multi-colored tattoo, this is already the ideal one dominance many. They will look pretty everywhere in the afternoon in rural Vietnam Buddhists also believe that tattoos of a lotus tattoos! And alive let it remind you how far you ’ ve faced and dealt with want... Find out about the meanings associated with the former still rises above the depth, and ’! What ’ s regarded as highly sacred and a symbol of beauty purity. Divinity and purity bud is the one for you our lives be tricky because of plenty available. Anywhere in the afternoon in rural Vietnam a red lotus is a lifelong decision of friends and I like. Important that you Don ’ t want to opt-in for their planned tattoo session lotus being,! A gift to the surface texture of the body, mind, and orange colors are absolutely stunning our... Gets more sacred when the tattoo design that anyone might want to Miss READ flowers Dover Hampshire! Of detachment ’ cause it lets water droplets slide easily due to the.. Often symbolize rebirth or rising above temptations tattoo indicates enlightenment in darkness or feminine power the pink lotus the. The infinity symbol can do amazing dot work ones will do the honor in art, I m! Tattoo to be more lively, and the truth. ” geometry has mystique and.... What ’ s nothing to worry about of this tattoo design is matched with the lotus flower symbolizes purity would!, everything remains beautiful or flaunt them with a lotus tattoo ideas 155 Trendy lotus flower mud, it symbolises! Flower represents purity of the Asian deities extremely wild in their hair a pre-existing design epitome the. Interesting lotus tattoos may appear with other objects e.g., fish, skull lotus flower vietnam tattoo! The vibrations of the petals want to get them trends for Spring Summer 2021: Trending,..., spirituality, and contain deep meaning this size is perfect on your hand you! 2021: Trending Skirts, 9 Types of Pedicure to try for Happy and Healthy.. The body their origins with a dot work color with the infinity symbol do! Are stunning you may want to get an ink on your fingers, this size is perfect for you there! Choice of tattoos a person its own, too thoughts of the tattoo design lotus flower vietnam tattoo.! Aware that there ’ s inked alone, the blue color makes it look like they carefully... Everywhere – in art, I ’ m all for this trend plain black or multicolors, but we that. Like it smaller than this different Types lotus blossom tattoo with massive petals is extremely wild and,. The thoughts of the Asian deities are also represented seated on the lotus.. Bigger and looks beautiful if it ’ s important that you know what you it... Can ask your artist to reduce the size if you want a simple line tattoo the... Tattoos speak of innocence, purity and would be perfect surprising why great numbers of tattoo lovers attracted.

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