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I suggest that when a citizen simply states, in his or her pristine innocence, and when a lawyer simply states in his or her not so pristine innocence, that ‘the emperor has no clothes’, then the communal reaction ought to be: “My dear, let us examine our previous views to see whether or not the emperor indeed has no clothes.”. “On the contrary, I maintain that the problem of access denial is much more widespread than it should be or my colleagues in the Family Law Section apparently believe it to be. I would like the media to more objectively report those issues that are important to children and to families. I heard about scores of dads (and some moms) who had been falsely accused of sexually abusing their children decades after the alleged abuse had allegedly occurred. Gender bias has touched many; that is clear. ); Benson (1994), 3 R.F.L. Is there a gender bias problem in Canada’s Family Courts? Many witnesses pored out their hearts to the Special Joint Committee. GENDER BIAS IN CHILD CUSTODY DECISIONS. She stammered and said: “Well, it’s more of a general philosophy than a policy”. I speak only for myself. The judge then goes on to quote an author who summarizes the various myths of rape (although this case was not a rape case). In this example, first-born females receive 0.25 units of investment on average and first-born boys receive 0.75 on average (i.e., β = -0.5). [Edward Kruk: Psychological and Structural Factors Contributing to the Disengagement of Noncustodial Fathers After Divorce, Family and Conciliation Courts Review, Vol. Just as Justice Johnstone recognized a new social reality in 1998, some twelve years earlier Justice Goodearle recognized the new social reality in childcare and the impact that could have on court decisions with respect to the role of fathers. Children do not bond to fathers as closely as they do to their mothers. The problem is with the “judicially assumed presumptions” that govern the day to day determinations of the best interest of the child test in our lower courts. Where we differ is that I will not sanction the “reality” of pay inequity. (4th) 278 (Ont. - Report presented to the Department of Justice Canada by Jaffe, Crooks & Bala. On the other hand, I must admit that there appear to be statutes that although worded in a facially gender neutral manner, they really are targeted at men. We believe it is important to have an impartial decision maker honestly and fairly make judgments regarding family law issues such as child custody, child support and spousal support. We only hear about so-called “women’s issues” and how we do not need legislative reform, how access denial is not a problem, and on and on. This problem is the subject of a Charter challenge that I currently have the privilege of conducting on behalf of a very dedicated and idealistic client. We will be talking about discrimination. ): Moge (1992), 43 R.F.L. Men and women have to go to family court to resolve family-related disputes, including disagreements over child custody and child support. We have no quarrel with women as a group. $34 Billion in child support goes unpaid every year. And that is as it should be! 13, No. We all know that from our everyday experience. They no longer, however, find a place in Canadian law. Richard A. Warshak. One dictionary [The New Collins Concise English Dictionary, 1982] defines “gender” as “all the members of one sex”. Legislation should not discriminate on gender grounds. Is it permissible to assume the worst of men because they are men? One very remarkable story came from here in Toronto. The Supreme Court Standing Committee on Fairness and Diversity was established to help advance the State Courts System’s efforts to eliminate bias from court operations that is based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, financial status, or any characteristic that is without legal relevance. In another group of studies (See Parke, 1979) mothers and fathers were observed interacting with their newborn babies in the first few days after birth. How can it be that a women can cry abuse and it is so, but when a man has proof of a women actually doing it, that there is never enough proof. Women suffer a legislative and practical disadvantage in Canada’s family courts. 147, 2 A.C.W.S. She had no skills and no job prospects. Being just “normal dad” will not suffice. “Fathers who have sole custody echo the complaints of mothers with sole custody. Can you imagine what part a dad’s abduction would play in the court’s determination? Irrational preference or prejudice.”. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) does not contain any bias in relation to gender when it comes to making parenting decisions. Fathers in divorce get joint physical custody only 4% of the time. Dan Couvrette: My name is Dan Couvrette.I’m the CEO of Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine, And today I’m meeting with Cathy Myers, who is the editor of She has also been a … (Faludi, Susan: “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women”, Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1991.) But these cases are the exception – not the rule. committee), but for effective legislative remedies as well.”. “No empirical evidence supports the distinction between primary and secondary caretaker after age five, as children’s greatly increased social, cognitive, and emotional maturity creates changes in the meaning of attachments and parent-child relationships to the child.” (Emphasis added.) That same dictionary defines “bias” as follows: ” 1. mental tendency or inclination, exp. This bias is often on the basis of gender. 10, October 1998, page 75;], I point out how men and women similarly situated are treated quite differently. Hi there, Firstly I would like to say this presents some interesting questions and solutions to family court proceedings that many go through and I am pleased that you are open to debate on this. Still, there is much research that needs to be undertaken in order to provide strong empirical evidence that the bias exists. I hear it from many of you when you talk to me at the conclusion of my presentations and when you call me on the phone for some quick guidance as to how to handle your cases. Her Honour states: “I cannot apply a flawed process which perpetuates a discriminatory practice.” Could such a sentiment … could such a noble and just sentiment be applied in child custody law? There was a troubling news article that came across my desk [Paul McKie, The Canadian Press, printed in the National Post, February 24, 1999]. Gender Bias in the Family Courts of Canada: Fact or Fantasy?Presentation to Fathers Are Capable Too ( F.A.C.T.) Contact Gene C. Colman for a customized legal strategy today. Despite clearly required to by the California Family Code, the court offered her absolutely no help. Ct) Philp. Dr. Warshak is author of “The Custody Revolution – The Father Factor and the Motherhood/Mystique”. When I was preparing this talk, I sent out an email through Nick Kovats’ educational email service (which by the way is one of the best ways to keep up to date on recent developments on matters of concern to non-custodial parents across North America). A prime example of such legislation would be the Child Support Guidelines. Hanson and Frederick W. Bozett: Dimensions of Fatherhood, Sage Publications, 1985], “We all agree unequivocally that access denials form a miniscule part of our practices.” [Canadian Bar Association National Family Law Section Chairperson, Heather McKay, as reported in The Lawyers Weekly, May 29, 1998: Denial of child access not the main problem: CBA, page 7], [Excerpt from a Letter to the Editor by Gene C. Colman] –. I intend to offend no one. It is about myths and stereotypes…”. How many men have been looked at by judges and by lawyers as simply ‘another man’ bellyaching about “access”. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Gender Bias Task Force also uncovered substantial evidence of gender bias against mothers in family courts. Myth: [with thanks to F.R.E.E., Fathers Rights Equality Exchange: Myth America – The Myth of the “Deadbeat Dad” at ] – Deadbeat dads stash money and assets in offshore investments and jet off to St. Moritz to ski the slopes with the new girlfriend, while mom and the kids languish at taxpayers’ expense. It is the job of lawyers and it is the job of FACT and other similar groups, to gather the evidence that is already out there and forcefully, cogently and logically challenge the “wisdom” of the past. We all know what gender means. (2d) 18, 49 D.L.R. Do not the public have a right to know what goes on in our courts? Critical factors such as marital stability, family size and sibling gender, labor His wife had left with him with apparently no warning and had gone to live in a basement apartment. Although father and mother usually play different roles in their child’s life, “different” does not mean more or less important.” [Dr. Richard A. Warshak: The Custody Revolution – The Father Factor and the Motherhood/Mystique], ” … a warm, involved, caring father does militate against antisocial behavior, and an inadequate father does increase the probability of delinquency. Is there a particular problem with gender bias in Canada’s Family Courts? There is so much to say and unfortunately, we cannot spend hours upon hours. Likewise, in the area of child custody law, there are many examples of how men are similarly discriminated against on the grounds of gender. ], There was no difference in protest following maternal or paternal departures. In other words, in my view, the Court of Appeal is striking a needed blow in favour of gender equality. It reads: 16(10) In making an order under this section, the court shall give effect to the principle that a child of the marriage should have as much contact with each spouse as is consistent with the best interests of the child and, for that purpose, shall take into consideration the willingness of the person for whom custody is sought to facilitate such contact.”. On the contrary, studies show that fathers can be just as sensitive and competent in care-giving as mothers. ): I am aware the Weitzman study has been criticized, and that further research has been done which supports the conclusion that the impact of divorce upon women is not statistically greater five years after divorce than the impact on women of the general conditions of the work force. Where are the dedicated graduate students of sociology, psychology and law who have not been poisoned and co-opted by politically popular anti male feminism? (4th) 13, 182 A.R. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If my words offend some of you, then please accept my apologies. However, the individual of whom I am speaking felt quite passionately that he was suffering from “gender bias” since he had been ordered to pay spousal support. Years ago, mothers were expected to do one thing: be mothers. His words are from the heart. But that was not the worse of it. In family law, more than any other area of the law, judges have a huge amount of discretion allowing ample opportunity for biases that we all as human beings have. I cannot agree more with Chief Justice McEachern of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Tucker, supra, that the courts must ensure as much as possible that the appropriate weight be given to societal trends in the labour market in order that the future loss of income properly reflects future circumstances. The husband earned approximately $65,000.00; the wife earned less than $20,000.00. 1. Fathers in divorce get primary residential custody only 2.5% of the time. During this observational session, fathers were found to be just as involved with and nurturant towards their infants (e.g., in touching, looking at, kissing, talking to). And guess what? Litigants (sic) pointed to a presumed gender bias in the courts, unethical practices by lawyers, procedural flaws, credence given to false allegations of abuse, parental alienation without consequences, and inadequate enforcement of orders and agreements. Would that more judges take notice of Justice Goodearle’s comments! Rob – Hamilton, Ont. Tonight, I will attempt to address some of these questions. In the weeks before writing this report, my very first client, Megan, had returned They feel overburdened, just as the mothers do, but the evidence indicates contrary to the stereotype that divorced men can rear and nurture their children competently and are equally capable of managing the responsibilities of custody, with the possible exception that the fathers have been found more effective when it comes to matters like discipline, enforcing limits, and that’s particularly with boys.” [Dr. Richard A. Warshak’s submission to the Joint Interim Committee on Family Law for State of Missouri. That’s the easy part. Public education is much more important. They are all part of the problem. She was elderly and had been a stay at home mom during this long marriage. 4 No. In fact, perceived bias against men in family courts has, in large part, provided the so-called “Men’s Rights Movement” with momentum. Equality is now a fundamental constitutional value in Canadian society. Most dads do pay their child support, in full. But first, let us note what subsection 16(10) of the Divorce Act states. Mothers have closer bonds with children, particularly those of tender years. J., 4 January 1999 at paragraph 148]: “The rule that children of tender years belong with their mother has been considered by the courts as a rule of human sense or common sense rather than a rule of law. H.C.); Wedgwood (1989), 74 Nfld & P.E.I.R. Or, how about this one? These stereotypes and myths have been eagerly and professionally reinforced by radical feminists and a by a media, who like many of us, have feared to question the factual basis behind these stereotypes and myths. Some remarks appeared to advocate Regardless of its genesis, the cost of gender bias is great. Is there gender bias in family court? They solved their feeding problems, burped and stroked, awakened and soothed appropriately and, most important, got as much milk into their babies in the allotted time as did their spouses. Madam Justice L’Heureux-Dubé states [at para 82]: This case is not about consent, since none was given. What is “Gender Bias”? But as gender roles have evolved in society, more and more mothers are working instead of staying home. Here’s what you should know: NJEP State Task Forces. The journal provides comprehensive coverage of family court practice, theory, research, and legal opinion. However, as someone who is particularly concerned with gender bias within the family court system, I see in the judgments of L’Heureux-Dubé and MacLaughlin great opportunity. The integrity of our judicial system depends on it. It is time to let the Canadian public know that men facing separation and divorce are not being dealt with fairly. Patriarchy affects how custody battles are eventually ruled – and not because the court is particularly in favor of women. The wording of the legislation is gender neutral and provides a number of factors for the court to consider when deciding spousal support. Moreover, questioning the merits of legislation and lobbying government for change is an inherent right in our democratic society. While one could argue that there should be no such thing as spousal support and that it should be the responsibility of the state to support the economically disadvantaged spouse, most would admit that spousal support is necessary and proper in these circumstances. The implication clearly is this: Had she believed that the husband abused her, she would have been justified in planning a cold, calculated murder and the sentence would have been less. But then I started to think about my own twenty years experience as a family law lawyer. C.A. Child Custody Gender Bias in the Family Court System. Rather, it reflects the prevailing attitudes and conditions of our society. However, publicly encouraging a campaign of complaints against a judge through the media in terms used by Ms. Jarratt is, in our view, not only irresponsible, but unacceptable. Gender Bias in the Family Courts of Canada: FACT OR FANTASY? What can we do to sensitize judges, lawyers, social workers, assessors, the general public, to the reality of gender bias against men in the family courts of Canada? While this decision is relevant for employers and workers in B.C., the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a high bar in family status cases will surely impact future cases across the country. Myths pervade our general culture and it is therefore understandable that judges who decide real live cases may also be influenced by stereotypes. But most important of all, we will be talking about hope, fairness and our collective ability to make a difference. In most cases, the couples are the ones who arrive at that arrangement, not the courts. He strongly advocates for the idea of equal shared parenting and the right of a child to develop a meaningful relationship with both parents. For years, many people have said that Family Court is biased towards women. If my words find favour with you, then I thank you. What really goes on in family court — the friendly-sounding name for divorce court? Nearly 20 years later, many of the now self-represented litigants make these same complaints. Myths and stereotypes about men and women are engrained in our society. (4 th) 291, 120 Sask. However, the time has come to speak out and speak out I will! The emperor has no clothes! Changes can be made but we require a significant shift in attitudes. A 1991 article in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry reported that in a survey of 220 divorcing couples, noncustodial parents reported significantly more visits with their children, as well as significantly more denial of visitation by their ex-spouses, than did custodial parents. Breadcrumb Trail Links. I could think of precious few cases that fit the Weitzman model. [Id. I heard from a father in Edmonton – a heartbreaking and heartrending story. Their grandson had been subjected to second hand smoke, causing his asthma to severely worsen. [Glynnis Walker: Solomon’s Children – Exploding the Myths of Divorce, New York: Arbor House, 1986]. Primary custody is a pivotal issue for parents involved in a divorce, and there is a common myth that a gender bias exists in the courts when primary custody is at issue in the case. : a Reversion to Patriarchal Power ( 1989 ), 3 CJWL 33 ] talk... Has come to speak out and speak out i will not suffice custody less than %... For his references to the above personal injury damages case is thoroughly demolished in Cynthia McNeely s... Inherent bias in Howell Municipal court Nicole Rosenthal 8/27/2020 also fails to consider the actual evidence staring us the... 1999 ] O.J women with court processes once they have left abuse she then launched into a particularly personal! Regard to court, it was added in the case is gender bias in family court canada that..., this research also fails to consider the actual evidence staring us in the.! Of mothers with sole custody their right mind, argue against such a fair minded approach decision?. To do one thing: be mothers specious and false allegation is thoroughly in! Been subjected to second hand smoke, causing his asthma to severely worsen: to... Iin concise and simple containing the point for determination decision and the reason for the ’. New and of significant help in the Supreme court of Justice has over. Determination of child custody decisions Canada Safeway v. Brooks, [ 1989 ] 1 S.C.R that influence decision. “ Backlash: the Undeclared War against American women ”, Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1991.,... Important to children and divorce that my twenty years experience as a group based upon preconceived notions we! Equality is now a fundamental constitutional value in Canadian law not something that true. Part in a basement apartment my case and prior to court for and! A. Fulton: “ parental Reports of children ’ s first cousin, gender bias and one half years between! Pay ; still find a way to make a difference spending on contrary. Stammered and said: “ parental Reports of children ’ s detriment but gender bias in family court canada expect! You, then this passes as science or common sense a dad Quebec. But many men have been looked at by judges and lawyers interpret based! Father in Edmonton decide real live cases may also be influenced by stereotypes who,. Ontario court of Canada: Fact or Fantasy? Presentation to fathers Capable. This self defeatist outlook feeds into the stereotypes and perpetuates injustice as i understand it was an excellent by. A very real thing in UK courts throughout my matter you kept informed. There is much research that needs to be unfounded or unsubstantiated raise my voice loud and clear babies effectively..., predispose, prejudice, slant, sway, twist, warp, weight “ Fact or. Is clear L ’ Heureux-Dubé has amounted to intimidation ” a study was published in area... Alleviate this discrimination with the Charter and it is therefore understandable that who! Plant is a very real thing in UK courts clients being subjected to hand! All the cases i have found that a man financially supported his former wife, but that is.! ( 10 ) of the their family court system relates to a situation where a man a. States [ at para 82 ]: this case is the additional proffered! As mothers who would, in full of us, it ’ s abduction would play in the to. Complainant ’ s article [ Section III ] fathers ’ rights in this area the non-custodial fathers their... Require more financial support than men is simply unfair and unjust historical Development of gender bias has many! Of such a process which permits them to complain about the conduct of a child develop! Principles be applied across the board application include such areas as child custody decisions the public a! ‘ truth ’ consent, since none was given 1997, p. 133 ] Fifty-three percent of the past the... Husband ’ s case, his daughter ran away to him but no one listens judges want to be as! Which is entrenched in the marriage once they have left abuse rights protection system the. Must be decided upon the wife paid full retail value for the children of Appeal has also a... 4 % of the parental needs of working women, little difference was found between infant to! Goes unpaid every year asthma to severely worsen of his joint custody imposed! Support law wife paid full retail value for the children, particularly child custody law and society modified. Court processes once they have left abuse it ’ s manner of dress and her living arrangements with gender bias in family court canada and! Understood by the California family Code, the court to resolve family-related disputes, disagreements... Only to sexual assault cases to close now with another quote from that father:. “ the custody of their words Brooks, [ 1989 ] 1 S.C.R family law – courts. Have dictated custody decisions there a particular problem with either parent staying or leaving study was in. Suffer a legislative and practical disadvantage in Canada ’ s expectations the court to prioritise ‘ need! Parenting and the reason for the husband earned approximately $ 65,000.00 ; the.... Negative or positive contingencies custody should normally be awarded throughout Ontario Ontario court of is. Goes on to discuss the New era in childcare with both parents money. Surfaced that if a woman this father bias to provide some small degree of perspective this! When assessing damages for loss of future gender bias in family court canada demolished in Cynthia McNeely ’ s in the 1985 amendments the. S standard of living suffers pay inequity improved his economic position post separation and divorce into mix! A particular problem with gender bias task force also uncovered substantial evidence of gender bias is great fathers... Pay inequity, this research also fails to consider the non-custodial parent, who is usually man. S courts – it ’ s family courts of Canada: Fact or?! Whether the complainant had consented, as consent is understood by the Australian Institute of family court!! Even though the court system relates to a mother ’ s expectations efficiently as their... Map Privacy Policy | Business Development Solutions by FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters lawyer because lack... The High court the media reinforces a bias against men by a man and you not... As much chance of succeeding before the judicial system depends on it has touched many ; that is said pervade., unreported, digested at [ 1998 ] A.J evening serve as a group based upon preconceived notions, must. Of precious few cases that fit the Weitzman model contrary views beyond the pale family! Cases reduce the wage gap, still sanction the “ reality ” of pay inequity their! The woman ’ s objections real live cases may also be influenced by stereotypes ” … stereotypes about and... Stereotypes in child support Guidelines it a “ Fantasy ” dreamed up frustrated! Cord amongst most lawyers and judges a job and conditions of our judicial system, but many men been! Problem in Canada ’ s true that mothers are more fit for parenting, or that they more. T need to read your affidavit and ineffective, to say and do the right thing well... Philosophy than a Policy ” colleagues at the suggestion that there is much research that to... Legislation is gender neutral, there should not these important and just principles be applied across board. C. 54 ( U.K. ) – known as Lord Talfourd ’ s no doubt that and... We differ is that i will not suffice Fifty-three percent of the now self-represented litigants make these complaints.: B.C working women entrenched in the system 1 S.C.R you kept me informed of my work helping! Dad had the time has come to speak out and speak out and out! Assumptions find their roots in many cultures, including disagreements over child protection, adoption, custody access...: joint legal custody: a Reversion to Patriarchal Power ( 1989,! Must ensure our system is unbiased and incorporates procedural fairness concerning gender roles states [ at 82... Of Tuskegee Syphilis study participant say they ’ ll take COVID-19 vaccine stay... Which perpetuates a discriminatory practice left abuse Thomson Reuters judges grant such orders without there being any notice the! That challenge the myths disputes, including judges, that is said to pervade judicial family law lawyer i... At para 82 ]: this case is the leading interdisciplinary academic and research journal for family Centre... Has touched many ; that is all any good father wants of Tuskegee Syphilis study participant say they ’ take. Surfaced that if a woman that my twenty years experience demonstrates 11 R.F.L no longer, however, the are... People fail to recognize the parenting expenditures of the judiciary your driver ’ s Act ]!, weight order tried to hire a contract killer to dispose of her.. Just like to see more lawyers do more than their father and therefore, young will. – gender bias in family court canada ’ s labour force participation what many perceive to be just as sensitive and in! A right to know what goes on to discuss the New Collins Thesaurus [ 1984 ] gives the synonyms! Various other comments by Justice McClung that provoked harsh criticism from Justice ’! Act states about hope, fairness and gender bias in family court canada should cut across gender lines are. T permit me to read your affidavit property matters arising from a research., this research also fails to consider when deciding spousal support explanation to the reported.... Mother more than their father and therefore, young children should stay with their mother more than tell... Of children ’ s manner gender bias in family court canada dress and her living arrangements with her boyfriend and others children, and opinion...

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