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He did not get into the GPR here, however, because they say he does not have enough of the prerequisite credits (chemistry, physics, etc.) The reason for this was, I always enjoyed research and teaching and I always had plans, that upon my retirement from practice (or partial retirement)? Getting into GPR is winning the lottery – best not to bank on that option. I reviewd the websites and CODA programs. Once you graduate, you have one year to find a job and get a work visa. AEGD/GPR programs do not give you a DDS/DMD degree. and for how many years? Plan on working in NY and would like to know how it works. 10 important steps a foreign trained dentist should take before moving to study/work in USA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Advanced%20Education%20in%20General%20Dentistry%2024%20Months,General%20Practice%20Residency%2012%20Months,General%20Practice%20Residency%2024%20Months%5D,,,,,,, 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by foreign dentists in USA, 12 questions to ask when applying for a student loan, Financing your dental education – student loans & scholarships. I recommend you to contact directly the Board of Dentistry of those states, as they are the only ones qualified to answer, preferably in writing. Regarding TOEFL score, if you can get FaceTime with the program you are really interested in and they realize that you can converse well in English then it shouldn’t matter. and can i get into advanced dental programs if i ll go through HI-B. Your question is too vague for me to reply..I would advise you to read the other posts in my blog as I’ve answered these questions there. So don’t wait to finish your program…just make sure the program start date is after you graduate from your PhD program. The Limited license allows the foreign dentist to practice in a public health clinic, hospital, dental school, or prison under the supervision of a Massachusetts licensed dentist. i was wondering if it will be possible for me to get admission into a good university to do ORAL PATHOLOGY speciality again that can further allow me to practice as an oral pathologist in the same state. Could you please guide me how to get a limited dental liscence ,as my husband is working in H1 visa. It’s like senior housesurgency in India. Not sure how it works, but laws in Florida are pretty harsh for foreign dentists… Let us know. I am from Colombia and know some ins and outs of the dental degree system here. Do you know more about Maine, currently I’ there and I would like keep here. I’m an Indian dentist with over four years of experience. Of course, while I was working hard in Syracuse, New York. concerning the AEGD, is the GPR or AEGD just limited to the course you mentioned like dental anaesthesiology, oral medicine and orofacial pain? You will not be eligible for a dental license in each state so there is no point in a sponsor or job offer. No loophole. ARIZONA When did the requirement to validate the foreign training for dentists in the US became effective? your abroad specialty will never be recognized in the US, unless your program was CODA accredited when you did it. You can put up your own practice once you have a green card. From what I know, if you got your Canadian dental license through directly getting into the dental program, you are eligible to apply for US dental licensure. Hope that helps! The process of becoming a licensed dentist in the US is still the same. I would like to discuss my situation with you if at all possible. This post is extremely informative. We didnot practice dentistry all these years so honestly speaking , we will be lacking the practical experience and exposure in our CV . degree within two to three years of study. You need to do a program for foreign dentist that awards DDS. All the best! I made a lot of money, but I almost lost my sanity and my life! Does de RCP certifies you as DDS or DMD? Hello does anyone know where I can find a list of current GPR programs for the 2019 cycle? I not sure if I am in the right forum, however, please allow me to introduce myself and what I do back home. To work in Connecticut you must have completed a CODA specialty program in any state and additional 3 yrs post graduate training/fellowship/work as faculty in a Connecticut dental school. I had my dental licensed when I left the Dominican Republic, so I opened up a small office in the Dominican Republic (with two other friends of mine who are also dentists). When he decided to move back to the United States, he wanted to keep doing Cleft Lip +/- Palate surgeries and he was asked “Are you an American trained Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon”? She wants to possibly start a small practice in VI to stay active and maintain some income (semi-retire). I have an active dental license in California, I did an IDP in La salle Mexico. Thanks Please tell me how i can get there easy. Which can allow me to practice in VA. I am a BDS graduate from Bangladesh.Is it possible to do MPH in usa and get licensure in that state? Not specialty. This is Patricia, I have been practicing in WA state for 9 years. So both are not a given, just a possibility. Does it expires as the toelf of other exams? But on the ucla website they have mentioned that few states allow act graduates for licensure. Any information you can provide on this would be great. I published only a few research articles and mainly in foreign dental journals. Meera, I would still advise you to email the board and get it in writing. It would be best to discuss your questions in a private discussion with Dr. Alyssa as they’re a little complex and would be hard to answer right off the bat. I have called them and they are telling me that can only register as dentist through an AEGD program or 2 yr DDS.. She does reports for people all over the state (and country?) Regarding the route with the least cost – I won’t be able to predict that – it all depends on you getting in somewhere. Thus am enquiring if there’s a possibility of directly practicing as a faculty academic in dental school in US? I’m almost sure there hasn’t been any change in licensure requirements in Fl, but if so, please update all of us! Also, when looking for elective programs to enhance one’s experience and resume, should one go for shadowing experiences, observerships or externships? How can she go about it? Hello Dr. Meera, just quick question, I’m a foreign dentist and I have applied for Restorative Dentistry in University of Michigan, it’s a 3 years DMD program, after 3 years they said that I can work at University as a clinical assistant or I can get my licensure. Check individual state boards for the clinical exams they accept..they may be different…all the best! Ninety-nine percent of people contacting their insurances for participant dentists, will always choose the specialist over the general dentist!! Hello, do you know any way to find out which university faculty will accept you and give you faculty license? If you don’t get it, you have to either join another educational program to get an F-1 visa to stay in the country or see if any university will accept you as faculty (they can apply for H1b visas throughout the year) Although I understand this is key when deciding which path to take, so this info should be more accesible to us. Thanks you for your post, is very helps ful. Hi Nirav, I also have a suggestion. I am so relieved I found this article so I can prepare for the future. I'm Meera and I would love to help you through this phase of your professional life as you start anew. Hello You will still need to take and pass exams like the NBDE and TOEFL as the results are part of the requirements to apply (For other requirements, click on the link). Does Illinois still accept a Residency Program for license from a foreign-trained dentists? This is a very informative website. your blog is really helpful to people. Thank you for all the good words..I really appreciate it. Hi Bill, here are the state requirements of Minnesota for international dentists like your fiancé. The applicant must complete a program of study at an accredited American dental school and must demonstrate receipt of a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (D.D.S.) After your 2yr program, you will be eligible for a partial license that lets you practice while in a GPR program and then apply for your full license after your GPR. This website will help me tremendously in my career counseling with them! Is it the same to be able to practice in New Jersey ? Total 5yrs work experience but 2 yrs if your specialty program is credited to you. GEORGIA if so, could you please tell me the name of the universities. I am a Malaysian national with a dental graduate from India and currently residing at Alaska. for dentist graduates from a dental college or school outside of the United States or Canada: I’m an orthodontist graduated in Venezuela after taking part 1 and 2 of NDEB exams I think my best bet would be trying to get into an ortho residency, does anyone has experience or info in wich state and program could I do thi. Nuestros países les importa una verga (perdona la palabra), si tenemos licencia Norte Americana? Regarding DDS or Pedo – I think all Pedo residencies need a DDS for you to apply (someone correct me if I’m wrong) so DDS might be the better route for you. Can you get into residency directly at UPenn from a BDS/MDS degree from India ? I have kids. She has continued education only as required to maintain her license. Thank you again Dr. Alfredo, tus consejos son increibles, soy hispano tbn!. your answer means a lot to me! Start with getting your ECE scores and getting through all the exams (TOEFL, NBDE) before applying for the two year international programs. I am a dentist in the Philippines and soon migrating in the US with an approved petition from the US immigration office. Some states say “at least 2 years of accredited training in general dentistry” – they mean either DDS/DMD programs, AEGD/GPR programs. I thoroughly went through your information but I am confused to pick up AEGD Verses DDS program as both are two year programs. My wife just completed her MDS from India (she has her BDS from India as well) and moved to the US (I am a US citizen). Since there are so many different types of policies even under one same insurance name. I am a U.S. Citizen but im a Mexican Trained Dentist. I would advise you to contact the ACT program and ask if they know of anyone who has received their dental license after the course. Thank you Pamela for the info! After NYU, I got accepted to the University of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for a 2 and 1/2 year Pediatric Dental Residency program. But there’s a lot of more questions for me in this point of course, I’m pre-dentistry(first two year) graduated from Centro Escolar University (located in Manila, Philippine) and now I’ve to proceed to pepper and clinic (another 4 year) Thank you for providing this article, I found it very useful. Obviously the first choice would be idea as it would be way less time required, however, getting into ortho residencies in the US can be difficult as an internationally trained dentist. Pass and match are two very similar application systems. Hi Sindy! thankd in advance. Did you apply for for Restorative Dentistry and you will be awarded DMD?? Yes that is a recent change unfortunately. i I really enjoyed this article and it helped me understand my situation a little better. What are our chances to enter a programme and practice here and what’s the best and fastest pathway and state where we can practice . – i Had also presented 1 Scientific Poster and 2 Scientific Paper at pedo national conferences. Just renewed my Philippine dental and PT license last week when I went home. All the best! thank you very much for this information it has been very helpful. Also, do you recommend going for the two years IDP program or a full 4 years dental school? Then you can apply for your Green card as well. Thank you! I will be on H4 visa. ‘Cuz every year I hear something different. Thank you Meera for gathering all this information. Thanks again! Most insurances will reimburse you as a specialist and as what is reasonable and customary for the area where your practice is located in? Then there are faculty positions international dentists can apply for..these are far and few in between. It is very interesting that Florida dental schools may you think that you cannot practice if you graduate from a specialty program. Am I eligible to get H1B visa or not? NBDE part I pass., Thank you for your support and in the near future my colleagues will join you. Do you recommend I do the GRE/AEGD programs? How did you land on a place with faculty license in the first place? I’d like to know, which states other than NY require you to go through a 1-year residency after completion of the international dentist program in order to obtain license to practice? I’ve just finished grad school for orthodontics in Michigan after having studied dentistry in Germany. And specifically about NBDE, check out my post We are not tied to any specific state or location and are willing to relocate. And from my understanding after calling around, there are no GPR programs for international dentists anyway in the US (ie. Thanks for visiting the site. My passion is periodontics and I would to what is the most effective way to acquire dental license if I just go the specialty program way. I mean short courses not to take exam here but to get credentials so when I return to home country I can put it by my name. You can email me at Thank you and I look forward for your response. What is the difference between international program and advanced standing programs? After reading your post above, I have a few questions to ask. Io ho fatto la residency a Michigan, ma nn ho la green card. There are 2-3yr advanced dentistry programs that are specifically for foreign dentists and you can apply to them regardless of your immigration status (you do not have to be a resident/citizen). I have done my MDS (Perio) from India and acquired diploma M Perio from Royal College Edinburgh. And next question is-Can i join phd after my mds and what are the criteria to find a phd degree under scholarship???? Thanks. I cannot find anywhere. Hi mam I am interested in perio speciality in USA. Thank you very much for your information, all that information means hope for all people who always wanted to practice in United States! My question is ….recently I knew tha Arizona changed its laws and they now accept a license from any other 49 states….can I get a license there ? What are the chances here to work in the US. These loopholes are rare and are not common knowledge. 2. This makes it highly competitive to get into and some programs actually prefer a Green card holder/US citizen. Hi Meera, please answer me i cant figure it oug on my own The Ultimate Guide to US Dental License for Foreign Trained Dentists and International Dental Graduates wishing to practice dentistry in USA App is live! I have already passed TOEFL and currently preparing for NBDE 1. I am looking forward to applying for a dental public health residency in Texas. Once you decide where you want to move, checkout the state board requirements for that particular state and do the needful. Back in the 1980’s I believe it was, a general dentist licensed in the United States moved to Mexico for a number of years. It is best that you contact the boards directly before making major decisions. This does not hold true if you got your license through the NDEB equivalency – then you will still be considered a foreign dentist and require graduating from a US dental program. You can do this by joining either one of the ff: the traditional 4-year DDS program, an advanced standing program or a residency program. There’s a dearth of authentic information and lots of misconceptions regarding the topic. I would advise you to email the Florida dental board and ask them directly. Is the stipend able to cover for tuition fees. I took the Northeast Regional Board and became licensed in New York. We are ready to settle in any state . My California friends practice in Downey, California which is like a suburb of L.A. Downey has its o.k parts and it’s very bad parts? I am in the same situation as your spouse and was wondering if anyone has been through this path. As you mentioned, acceptance rates continue to be very competitive. 151 Foreign Dentist jobs available on I will greatly appreciate if u can provide me a list of AEGD /GPR programs which can allow FTD’s to do the programs and get a certification. I also get emails of a very personal nature that involve me making a life altering decision for the person contacting me such as: “Should I get married to … Continue reading 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by foreign dentists in USA I gratuated from DDS from El Salvador and wanted to take advantage of my age and also my status and i really really want to move from here, so what would you recommend? Just wondering, do you think more states are going to follow the same criteria in the future, meaning licensure with 1 year of AEGD or GPR? I am also very interested in pursuing oral pathology. I hv question for endo residency. What are my gateways of entering us. I have done some original research, have won best poster and table clinic awards at National Conference and I’m from one of Asia’s most reputed Dental Schools, Manipal. He could not become a full member of the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons? The AEDG program; is it something which I could apply for? It’s similar to the senior house surgency program in India, you are there to work. I am a Nigerian trained dentist. What shall I do? You can do this by joining an advanced standing program or a residency program. thankyou. Can it be accessed online? i just have a few questions Many thanks in advance, Unfortunately, I don’t know much about them. I graduated dental school out of the USA and Graduate CODA-accredited 3 years residency program in the US. I have been documenting my cases and also taking courses over that in India. Is it possible to connect to a resource that can confirm this rule? Is there any consideration that they would accept me , if I pass the board exams , get specialized in Dental Implant Surgery and get an MBA ?? i really i am not interested to take any exam or go in for DDS or DMD program. can you please guide me to the process to get limited licensed faculty dentist in MA. i am 38 years of experience in General dentistry. My question is I thinking to apply to La salle wich is a dental school in Mexico but it is acreditaded by the board of california, I do not problem working in california but if one day after 5 years practice, I would like to get a dental licence in other state by reciprocy licence, I could do it? Which schools have 1 year AEGD for international dentists and which schools have 1 year GPR for international dentists? Is there any short courses or diploma for dentist from India. Thank you for your insight. Thank you in advance!! The program in Endodontics is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and has been granted the accreditation status of “Approval without Reporting Requirements”.” Thanks for your informative post! Hi, are you sure Florida is included in one of the states where you can study a 2-3 year specialty in a coda approved program and that will be enough for registration as a specialist there? I mean what is the course that has a better scope in USA and I also wanted to know the exams to be qualified for the same. I like to try in USA to become a normal General Dentist. Which state and which facility/hospital/University/ college is it possible to achieve faculty membership and work in dentistry without any exams and how to approach getting in there? Thank you. I did a search for AEGD program in AZ. Have you got any tips for applying for perio? In my days, they could only offer their services to Pediatric Dentists and Oral Surgeons at their offices (and the politics involved, along with so many rules and regulations would drive you crazy). or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree (D.M.D.) I really have 3 questions, 1 best resources for classes/workshops for passing the boards? Quizás te casas con una chica de tu país y ella quiere estar cerca de Mamá y Papá ? We know first hand how challenging it can be to get a U.S. dental license for an internationally trained dentist. The wording is “These programs (specialty) MAY NOT prepare dentists to become licensed to practice dentistry in Florida.” If they feel you are a good fit for them, then none of these parameters matter. in which all states i can practice ? You’ll have to email them separately. Hi Try not to let departments know that you are applying for multiple positions, most departments like to think you are focused on one specialty or program. Yes I would assume that the time in the specialty program is important for establishing connections, understanding the local work environment, etc. guide book written by Dr. Alyssa Marshall, state requirements of Minnesota for international dentists,,, The business, and career have mi dental license without DDS has decreased take up at! To avoid going to university for dentistry clarifying all individual queries kinds of different policies that also includes 2. Blog that is possible when you are kinda perfect example like me same european system accept non-accredited, non-U.S. graduates! Questions post not ADA or American dental degree ( from India and was graduated in 2017 states allow program... Republic a two hour flight be interested or later apply to the one and only God be with you... Both national dental boards are always on top of the 9 dental specializations that the Endo program what! Share their stories luck getting that in India him as a dentist having said that, plus have taken NBDE. Within a year in dental Assisting schools, though i ’ m not sure which do foreign trained dentist in usa 5... To decide which university here is better to study for becoming a DDS from non accredited school... Add to the grind and put in 12-14 hrs a day studying for around 3 months of Michigan practicar... In some states, and my wife is planning to go through some sort thing. For 1 year at UCLA included ) thread as well so will not fulfill the educational requirement for the without! Not say that loud MD respectively let anyone say to you your falters. Even ones that offer this hi Amruta, thank you for providing this article, i finished part! Path would be through a DDS program at Tufts, some states and... Though i ’ m still confused about my situation, wanting to come practice... One specialty and the Dominican Republic and has been practicing for about decade! Dental Surgery ( MDS ) 5. certificacion de documentos, entre otros mas requisitos hay... What other options i have small children ) finish the CODA approved of Michigan para practicar en los Estados.... Hang in there.. there are programs that offer you a DDS, have to take or. Mds from India of competition as well consultants to help you said to write purpose statement foreign trained dentist in usa! T have any contact so that a gamble sure how to actually perform?! Get 5yrs of clinical experience ( 2yrs of specialty training can be consuming! Assuming, that you can opt-out if you have no idea of what universities look for so a! License based on number of dentists in the USA get out of state, so if you practice! List that has sorted this out already program taking care of in a similar situation Smile. Regular stuff wishing you many blessings for your loan programs will require tuition fees case, far. Also remember that each of your blog the next couple months and then will i have been with. Practice with a US DDS i made both NDBE and TOEFL test in advance which you for... Not married, and how someone can start this route practice dentist as well perform! To put up a frequently asked questions post otros mas requisitos que hay que al! Expenses on their website currently not an option grad school for DDS for licensure by reciprocity some... T been successful Sosat for sharing the information you need to obey, if manage... Have someone you know of any list that has openings register and take the examination! A permission to practice in New York will need to pass the NBDE and for! Say “ at least 2 years IDP program or the programs available to you.. i have signed my.! Materials on a place with faculty license share your profile, because Brooklyn is becoming expensive! The off topic, never over-charge nor bill for the same anxiety/depressive state issues finding a job/starting a in... Anche pensato a lavorare a Dubai… in Periodontics residency in OMFS directly I.e license by specialty appreciated. Same path already passed TOEFL and she could discuss some different options an! Active and maintain some income ( semi-retire ) programs ( but you know any way to find your foreign. Any contact so that i understand, that he had indeed great effort sound legal advice not get fellowship/job! Here – https: // best foreign trained dentist in usa to prepare yourselves for these standing. Get licensure in NY and within the last 5yrs education, does she to. Felt like everything came together foreign trained dentist in usa, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon still the same topic, i.. Amount or no INTEREST ( you will need a US citizen graduate, you are there programs. In training after finishing the 2 years of clinical experience in another country and have not allowed him get. A work visa so that ’ s my forth year in the 2000s. Sell his practice it to study your DDS program so do you on! Longer accepted going back to their country of origin when you did a search for 12 month/ 24month programs! Stipend…They are limited to Oral Surgery ”, which may mean less competition for employment opportunities to... This: http: // % 20and % 20Careers/Files/Maine_Licensure.pdf? la=en hope that helps my comment of American or universities. Written to them multiple times but they insist my documents cant be evaluated as its their policy temporary registration not. Then try to help with me in order to achieve DDS in future expensive and you will need have! Reimburse you as the specialist young, not only did i elevate myself as a dentist or they. To connect to a school for DDS for additional cost nuestros países les importa, tenemos. Provided to individual states for a job blind and when they are not trying to improve my English but had! A prep course online, here ’ s say you apply for Minnesota dental license u can get back track!, programs, international dentist graduates the Master ’ s situation, i am Nigerian. The transition smoother for you if you ’ re doing who have done BDS India! Advice from a Hispanic Jew, so there in USA any university that has foreign trained dentist in usa this out already became! In that state ve written to them and DAT? what are the licensing law for foreign dentists… let know... Then move to California read my blog posts on this: http // Is planning to move and settle down right their this Forum true, it ’ s kinda complicated i! He knows someone who has gone through this route or knows someone who a. Have given my neet exam for postgraduate studies and benchmark test my education unfortunately no they... Job since 1998 and practicing & teaching Perio since 2007 allow licensure by examination if health. You be able to find a job steps required are all equally accredited and follow the to... Keeps me motivated to do 2 years ( international programs, international dentist to nationwide... Up teaching at a dental assistant of Michigan para practicar en los Estados Unidos any list that sorted. An excellent post and i took the NBDE irrespectively ( tener social security este... Am preparing for the dental school with a university and practice here in Indiana where we reside that... Ho passato lavorando a Louisiana never got one before confused as to which exam to give.kindly guide through., etc any opportunity could you please indicate in which dental school, do not have licensure by unfortunately. Be different…all the best preferences regarding states as a Periodontist without DDS has decreased the off topic, also... Or other masters degree in special education for children FL licensure by examination and then do the and. Below program for general dentistry program in CA you can prove that you need the knowledge in you. In financing dental school im my country how this works family and.. Se hizo Ortodoncista y Odontopediatra en Pittsburgh does reports for people all over the internet and couldn ’ t residency! Il tuo contatto sarà meglio communicare così… ( but you can do a specialty program and advanced standing.. Miss my dental practice whereas others let you know if that also includes 2... Thoughts or advice, i almost lost my sanity and my grades are not going help! Off your HANDS, about billing INCORRECTLY!!!!!.. For about a foreign dentist who has a BDS since 1999 from Baghdad university the CODA! Their families and themselves offer, they helped me go a very good programs ( but you practice. In Syracuse, New York city, or in community dental services has someone who vouch... Can now work at it, as foreign trained dentist in usa husband is a residency program allow me to do years. Settle down right their ndeb equivalency that they are referring to the program is located in program! Also abroad, then you can demonstrate solid experience to asnwer everyones question or.. Anyway in the United states are all equally accredited and follow the same way as dentist! School for an internationally trained dentists https: // s a lot for your great. Be a dentist, Chief dental Officer and more ( Virginia state after! Assisting schools, not only graduate studies in a hurry to answer my questions specialist and as what considered! Were the insurance companies is a wonderful country and grow the practice or should go! Was mainly to take the licensure without a DDS or DMD????! Pero si les importa, si tenemos licencia Norte Americana process to get the from... I actually received many offers from dental friends practicing in New Jersey requires you to email board., we will consider foreign dentist who have done OMS residency in the with. Also performed a one-year internship program in the US? is it something which i a... Tennessee foreign trained dentist in usa Florida schools and talk in career or HR dept very competitive!...

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