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cherrysweetnini liked this . 89 notes. Nov 12, 2020 - Explore Nicole French's board "Izumi Sena-Ensemble Stars" on Pinterest. iwaizumitodarkness liked this . more izuleo fluff pls too much emo “Even if it’s some filthy desire, whatever it is, show me! Izumi Sena (瀬名 泉) Unit: knights Age: 17 Birthday: November 2 Club: Tennis Club Foul-mouthed and not honest with himself, Izumi has a big attitude, is full of confidence, and assumes a detached attitude towards the world at large. How the Mighty Have Fallen: As one of the veteran, historical units in Yumenosaki, they've fallen out of spotlight after Eichi/fine's reign.They're pushed further into 0% Approval Rating after their actions in DDD. As of Ensemble Stars! Relationship and notable canon moments Edit [in progresss] Trivia Edit natsuyuuu liked this . He hurls spiteful remarks towards anyone he meets, like a … #izumi sena #scenario #enstars #rat man is in the building #every time i write growled i feel like i'm writing a yandere bear #izumi sena x reader #sena izumi x reader #yandere enstars #yandere izumi sena #yandere x reader #yandere scenario #yandere x you #Anonymous I'm 17 so please be around that age so around 16-20/21 i guess? See more ideas about ensemble stars, anime boy, anime guys. #enstars #ensemble stars #sena izumi #tsukinaga leo #knights #event. Sena Izumi (Ensemble Stars!) is a Japanese game franchise by Happy Elements and a spin-off of the 2012 game Ensemble Girls! Funny Monkee | Enstars Shipping Wiki | Fandom ... funny monkee Nov 05 2018 2:37 Monday. Details File Size: 6440KB Duration: 7.100 sec Dimensions: 413x498 Created: 9/27/2020, 1:12:08 AM Ensemble Stars! Thankfully, they're returning to their Glory Days after Leo's return. It was first released as a Mobile Japanese CCG (Card Collecting Game) released on Google Play on April 28, 2015 and on the App Store on May 1, 2015. (945) Tsukinaga Leo (938) Hakaze Kaoru (789) Itsuki Shuu (675) Isara Mao (664) Hibiki Wataru (605) Suou Tsukasa (594) Include Relationships Sena Izumi/Tsukinaga Leo (384) Isara Mao/Sakuma Ritsu (363) Itsuki Shuu/Kagehira Mika (246) Hakaze Kaoru/Sakuma Rei (229) Hibiki Wataru/Tenshouin Eichi (205) Ritsu Sakuma/Izumi Sena is a relationship between two members of Knights, Ritsu Sakuma and Izumi Sena.It's a prominent ship in Ensemble Stars fandom. iwaizumitodarkness reblogged this from eichitenshouin. (あんさんぶるスターズ!, Ansanburu Sutāzu!)

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