franchi affinity 3

Franchi 41230 Affinity 3 Elite 12 Ga 3" 28" Optifade Timber. The custom-grade controls—bolt handle, bolt release and magazine port—are oversized for positive use even with gloved hands. $749.99. Franchi Affinity 3. 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Like any other Affinity 3 models carrier control button, handle and loading port are three times larger and, analogously to any other Franchi semi-automatic shotguns, it is equipped with a Front-Inertia mechanical operating system. This is a very reasonable price, given the tech. 3-dram, 1-1/8 oz. jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, {"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"grayloon_foundation","theme_token":"hrn0DdKPtZjYwTDJUPeWtjg-fk3XIrVk3lFvEa3Grhs","js":{"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/jquery_update\/replace\/jquery\/1.8\/jquery.min.js":1,"misc\/jquery-extend-3.4.0.js":1,"misc\/jquery-html-prefilter-3.5.0-backport.js":1,"misc\/jquery.once.js":1,"misc\/drupal.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/visualization\/js\/visualization.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/google_analytics\/googleanalytics.js":1,"0":1,"1":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/vendor\/custom.modernizr.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/foundation\/foundation.min.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/jquery.flexslider.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/ddaccordion.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/hoverIntent.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/grayloon.js":1},"css":{"modules\/system\/system.base.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_api\/date.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_popup\/themes\/datepicker.1.7.css":1,"modules\/search\/search.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/views\/css\/views.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/ctools\/css\/ctools.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/cloud_zoom\/css\/cloud_zoom.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/stylesheets\/app.css":1}},"googleanalytics":{"trackOutbound":1,"trackMailto":1,"trackDownload":1,"trackDownloadExtensions":"7z|aac|arc|arj|asf|asx|avi|bin|csv|doc(x|m)?|dot(x|m)?|exe|flv|gif|gz|gzip|hqx|jar|jpe?g|js|mp(2|3|4|e?g)|mov(ie)?|msi|msp|pdf|phps|png|ppt(x|m)?|pot(x|m)?|pps(x|m)?|ppam|sld(x|m)?|thmx|qtm?|ra(m|r)?|sea|sit|tar|tgz|torrent|txt|wav|wma|wmv|wpd|xls(x|m|b)?|xlt(x|m)|xlam|xml|z|zip","trackDomainMode":"1"},"urlIsAjaxTrusted":{"\/affinity-3-sporting-shotgun":true}}); The trim forend helps keep your eye close to the bore axis, meaning quicker and more intuitive pointing. //update zoom icon link for mobile The Franchi Affinity can handle nearly all types of loads from 1 1/8 oz. }); $1,099.99. C, IC, M, IM, F, XFT, Timber, Decoy, Pass. Franchi Affinity 3 (41065) This brand new Franchi Affinity 3 (41065) is a semi-automatic shotgun which fires the 20 gauge shell. The Franchi Affinity 3.5 Elite (bottom) features a redesigned bolt handle and Sure Cycle bolt release button. Product Description Enlarged loading port for quick loading Oversized bolt release for easier operation Sling attachment stud on the magazine cap TSA recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 50% Drilled and tapped receiver for quick optics mounting Forend keeps … Extended F, Extended IC, Extended M, wrench, Type of Sights: Franchi 41310 Affinity 3 Elite Upland 12 Ga 28" Satin Walnut. Strong features built on decades of experience and improvements make the Affinity a winner. //-->. Affinity 3 Companion 12-Gauge 2-3/4" and 3" New! jQuery('.mousetrap').remove(); The wide loading port makes for quick, easy loading. Never fired with box and everything from factory. //--> Like its predecessor, the 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge Intensity, the Affinity 3.5 is chambered for super magnum shells. [CDATA[//>. Franchi’s Affinity 3 Compact is a short-stock, 24-inch or 26-inch version of the full-size Affinity 3. var thumbnailLabelText = jQuery.trim(jQuery(this).parent().parent().find('.model-thumbnail-description').html()); //click event for swatches on model page Learn More Find a Dealer. The matte-blue, chrome-lined barrel has a raised vent rib and is ported to reduce recoil and muzzle rise. Barrel porting teams with the TSA recoil pad and our exclusive Inertia Driven® technology to make the Affinity 3 Sporting comfortable to shoot during back … The Affinity 3.5 is available in four finishes and comes with either a 26- or 28-inch barrel that sports a stepped, ventilated-rib with a red fiber-optic front sight. //init cloudzoom on updated image This shotgun also features a drilled and tapped receiver, an oversize bolt and a removable trigger assembly. The receiver sports a white anodized finish that pleasantly highlights the chrome-accented bolt and trigger, as well as the oiled-walnut stock and forend. ... Affinity 3 Companion. Timber Cobalt 28in. Three choke tubes are supplied with the Affinity 3.5, including IC, M, and F (choke wrench included). Fiber optic red-bar front sight. Extended F, Extended IC, Extended M, Minimum Recommended Load: Franchi 41045 Affinity 3 12 Ga 3… }); ID p54861. jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, {"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"grayloon_foundation","theme_token":"66pp9Po7ebnG7nU5YSmkUUgZ7BKpM3yYm5Ik5eR44jQ","js":{"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/jquery_update\/replace\/jquery\/1.8\/jquery.min.js":1,"misc\/jquery-extend-3.4.0.js":1,"misc\/jquery-html-prefilter-3.5.0-backport.js":1,"misc\/jquery.once.js":1,"misc\/drupal.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/visualization\/js\/visualization.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/google_analytics\/googleanalytics.js":1,"0":1,"1":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/vendor\/custom.modernizr.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/foundation\/foundation.min.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/jquery.flexslider.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/ddaccordion.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/hoverIntent.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/grayloon.js":1},"css":{"modules\/system\/system.base.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_api\/date.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_popup\/themes\/datepicker.1.7.css":1,"modules\/search\/search.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/views\/css\/views.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/ctools\/css\/ctools.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/cloud_zoom\/css\/cloud_zoom.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/stylesheets\/app.css":1}},"googleanalytics":{"trackOutbound":1,"trackMailto":1,"trackDownload":1,"trackDownloadExtensions":"7z|aac|arc|arj|asf|asx|avi|bin|csv|doc(x|m)?|dot(x|m)?|exe|flv|gif|gz|gzip|hqx|jar|jpe?g|js|mp(2|3|4|e?g)|mov(ie)?|msi|msp|pdf|phps|png|ppt(x|m)?|pot(x|m)?|pps(x|m)?|ppam|sld(x|m)?|thmx|qtm?|ra(m|r)?|sea|sit|tar|tgz|torrent|txt|wav|wma|wmv|wpd|xls(x|m|b)?|xlt(x|m)|xlam|xml|z|zip","trackDomainMode":"1"},"urlIsAjaxTrusted":{"\/affinity-3-semi-auto-shotgun":true}}); I had put a modified choke in the Franchi Affinity 3.5 to balance pattern with range on these flighty fowl. The 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge Affinity 3 and 3.5 are an upgrade of the original, reborn in a more shooter friendly package. This is … From. The buttstock offers a 123/8-inch length-of-pull, to which, spacers can be added. jQuery('#silo-holder a').attr('href', jQuery(this).attr('zoom')).CloudZoom(); return false; 20ga for sale. }); jQuery(this).addClass('active'); //update zoom icon link for mobile Minimum Recommended Load: $1,099.99. Franchi Affinity 3 & Affinity Catalyst — Full Review. Minimum Recommended Load: } Made in USA. 41260: 28″ ... ©2020 Franchi. The Franchi Affinity 3 goes for $849 to $959 MSRP and you can buy it for even less over the counter. $1,099.99. Synthetic buttstock and fore-end; Inertia Driven operating system; Vent rib with fiber optic front sight; Push button safety behind trigger; Oversize operation controls; Shim kit for drop and cast; Includes 3 chokes //init cloudzoom on updated image Franchi Affinity 3.5 12 Ga 3.5" 28" Max5/Bronze. //--> Specifications are subject to change without notice. The Franchi Affinity 3 is a sleek, well-balanced autoloader that operates on the reliable Inertia Driven system like its Benelli brethren. Affinity 3,5 Elite Bronze ensures a total camouflage, thanks to micro and macro design optimizing the contrast between light and dark shades and breaking up the figure of this shotgun, making it the perfect companion to fade away in the reeds and barrel-shaped shelters. if (jQuery('#silo-holder a').CloudZoom) { Franchi Affinity 3 Semi-Auto Shotgun - The Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun is the ideal coming together of Italian craftsmanship and American passion. A great-looking, clays-smashing semiauto loaded with features typically found on shotguns costing far more. As a vehicle, the Affinity would look like a great value with its long lasting, highly reliable, low … Adjustable for drop and cast, the ergonomic design is optimized for the fit and performance needed during extended use. by Franchi. The receiver sports a white anodized finish that pleasantly highlights the chrome-accented bolt and trigger, as well as the oiled-walnut stock and forend. It has a 26" barrel and Realtree Max-5 … Receivers are drilled and tapped to facilitate quick and easy mounting of optics and accessories. If the Franchi Affinity was a vehicle this would be one of those rare times when consumers would felt like they had won the battle with the car dealer. jQuery('#thumbnail-group a.zoom').attr('href', jQuery(this).attr('zoom'));

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