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She will give some information regarding the King and how she lost her position 4 years ago to a girl. Take the magazine. Fifth Whistle: The three chicobos closest on the right form a triangle, stand in the very middle of this triangle and whistle the last one in. There's a draw point here. Mod Quistis's card into Samantha Souls and use Diablos refine to turn them into 180 Triples to junction to strength. This SHOULD be your final magazine. You will see a peninsula just north of where the rails connect to the mainland. Ifrit. There is a long ladder on the side of that structure that you can take down. I started from scratch and took all my high level (level 100) characters and went out on a rampage over the world of Final Fantasy 8 in order to collect items. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/197343-/61703021. So save before then just in case as this is your last chance. If the red says the treasure is to the east, go west. Save often just in case as you go through by accident. I never knew about the power generator in the Lunatic Pandora. Fourth Whistle: Stand at the top right next to the rock. M-Stone-Pieces, Magic Stones and Wizard Stones are used to modify weapons or refine spells from. This is one of Quistis' blue magic limit for Ray-Bomb, Take elevator #3 on the far right. Up three times, right, up, and take the elevator. The magazine is on the ground just to the left of the draw point. Location: Located on the southern continent, Centra. When playing this man, there's a good chance that you will want to abolish the Random rule before it can spread. After the train ride, head to the coast so you can fight some Adamantoise for the White Wind (Whisper) blue magic for Quistis. After graduation, talk to Cid to receive the Battle Meter. The Doomtrain card can be obtained from her son after you lose it. Simply keep talking to the shadow until he repeats himself. This ability lets you refine … Use whistle; just find a spot where only one chicobo shows up. It runs on the same principles of 'Same' where you place two cards, and then place a card adjacent to BOTH cards. ... FF8 Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. Note: Visit every shop to make them appear in Disc 4 , also make sure to unlock Esthar Shop after visiting them all. Tri-Faces drop Curse Spikes, which are an incredibly useful and versatile item. Lastly, stand a few steps under the chicobo that just fell. It will tell you a cardinal direction, but the treasure is in the opposite. Beat him, and if you didn't get the Leviathan card, challenge him and repeat until he does. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with FINAL FANTASY VIII. Stand just bottom right of the bottom right one should do it. After the first solo fight against Seifer, you'll be up against Edea AND Seifer. In the 'Plus' variation, if the SUM of those sides are equal, then you win both cards. You can Card Mod the Laguna Card into 100x Hero to make a single character invincible. Found at the Fire Cavern as part of the story. In order to be able to refine things, you have to make your GFs learn the needed ability. Then above that, you'll find some dirt plains before running into a set of mountains. Your first SeeD mission is given by Cid just south of the directory, south two screens. A listing of refine abilities and their available formulas in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, … If you defeated the CC Group in Balamb Garden, then when you get to Ragnarok on Disc 4, every member will be on the airship giving you access to nearly every single card in the game. This is located on the cliffs directly north of the Chocobo Sanctuary forest. It was developed for the PlayStation and it had the same graphics capabilities yet it featured much more realistic graphics when compared to the more cartoonish appearances of characters in Final Fantasy VII. Door opens under, boss fight. One chicobo will join. After losing the Alexander card, the Doomtrain card will be created. Go right, if the Joker isn't on the dock, go left and right. Whistle here to bring in a 4th chicobo. She uses Centra rules. Examine the panel in room 3, and then go through the door labeled by a big '0'. So park your Ragnarok on the edges so it's not in your way. Now progress the main storyline until you liberate Fisherman Horizon from Galbadia at the end of the rails near Timber Maniacs. Return to Obel Lake and talk to the shadow. If she's in Balamb, then make sure she goes to Dollet. On the western end, you mess with the gears on the left to presumably lower the draw bridge. If missed, it can be purchased at the Esthar Bookstore. Climb up the ladder to the left and examine statue. Head into the Training Center, take the right path and go passed the docks. Talk to him. Take both eyes, go back to the first statue, put in both eyes. She holds a handful of the quest cards. Card Mod is a refine ability you gain from the Quezacoatl Guardian Force (GF). Mug the SAM08G for Running Fire item for Quistis' blue magic. This is located on the beach to the east of Timber. There are several types of refine commands learned from Guardian Forces. From the palace room where you left Rinoa, exit down, then exit right. Do this as soon as you get the airship, Ragnarok. Buy it from the bookstore instead. Use the left ladder, go in and examine the control panel. Due to the 20 minute time limit, you'll want to exit and re-enter to reset the timer. After talking to the Master Fisherman, he mentions about his pupil. Take the newly appeared stairs to the right. Then go all the way near the entrance and you'll see a fallen branch on the left side. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered may be a game of magic, love, and battles that transcend time itself, but it’s also home to one of the most addictive mini-games of all time: Triple Triad. Stand in between the kid and the left chicobo and use the whistle to send them up. As for Behemoth, simply mug him for the 'Barrier' item so you can learn 'Mighty Guard'. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. From the Power Generator, simply head left and it'll be on the ground. This is a pre-warning before you head to the next area automatically. Must be done after the event at the broadcast tower. If you head all the way to the left of the village, you'll find two houses. The ivy ends here. Cannot be missed - he must be fought as a boss … Follow the linear path to the very end until you see a machine. Side Note: In older versions of the game, in order to refine 1 Dark Matter, your Siren needed to be level 100. After the brief meeting in class, you'll be tasked with talking to Quistis. (Must've been unlocked in Laguna's visit here). Instead, interact with the desk that you were already sitting at to bring up a menu. It's also available as a rare battle reward. After the very informative cutscene, challenge her friend for the card. HINT: To go from south to east to north to west to south again, simply take the right route every single time it's a 4 way crossroad. Else, check what you're missing. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a updating of the classic 8th entry in the main Final Fantasy line of games. Note that this walkthrough is not intended as a step-by-step guide to the game, but rather a guide to help you get the most out of … Talk to him again to receive this item. Leave the hotel, go back in and challenge and refuse twice, then challenge, accept and quit. © Valve Corporation. Third Whistle: Stand right where the chicobo that just jumped up was at to bring him back. Then after that, continue talking to the shadow for hints that will lead you to the four clues. If you can't find it, then you messed up this part when Laguna was here with the traps and detonator. If you have the Girl Next Door magazine, offer it to him for free to get the Shiva card. Offer to take her onto a tour and head to your right (the direction she ran from). Upon entering Fishman's Horizon, go to the right two screens and you'll see a giant cylindrical structure. is Double. You can fight him later, or now. On the first panel, pick 4 units to spend. So you're welcome to use ENC-NONE to hunt for these encounters. This might also be your first encounter with the Plus rule, so I'll explain. I gave credit to all who sent me information, but for once, this FAQ I essentially did on my own. Just play a card game against him and win. If you haven't gotten a Laser Cannon which is rather rare, or a 100% mug rate from a Lv30+ Elastoid (very rare), then you'll get here. The Refine Abilities (RF) are divided in … Finish the battle to retrieve the last clue: E A S N P D, Clue #4: Head over to Balamb and run around on the beach using the action command. DO NOT GO THERE UNLESS YOU HAVE 5 ELIXIR. Stand on the peninsula and interact around there until you get an option to 'Try humming' and 'Throw a rock'. Eldbeak Peninsula is located on the southwest corner of the Trabia Continent. Now save your game in your dormitory. After the SeeD exam in Dollet, you'll ride the Vessel back to Balamb. You'll need to lose this later. Now head immediately to the left and you'll see the Secretary right outside of a doorway. You must have lost the Sacred card to Queen of Cards (presumably at Dollet). Zell's house is the house on the right, closest to the bottom in the area with the draw point for Thunder. Save at this save point. Then if you examine the bed again, you can rest. Squall's knees should be aligned with the boy's knees. The shadow gives you a hint that you should take some 'time off' at Eldbeak Peninsula. Located in the Training Center, take the left path, Upon entering the doorway, it sits on the ground to your right. defeat them in order. Once you've done all three parts, exit through the south, then enter again and head straight to the middle for the boss fight. She's wherever you left her (Balamb/Galbadia). If you've followed the guide thus far, you can go ahead and buy both Combat King 004 and Combat King 005 and you will be done with magazine collecting. Whichever comes first. This will leave you with 10 RSP left. Go out, down. This is located near the cliffs at Winhill. Finally, the last time you'll ever have to lose a card. After the opening cutscene, you'll end up with Quistis walking to class. It is that easy! Another note is, THIS CANNOT BE DONE ON DISC 4. Go inside, take the elevator block up. If you're in a party, you can tell them to give you some space. Now return to the little kid and talk to him who finally casts a line. The objective of each forest is to end up with one chicobo to show up and then interact with it to bring out the mama chocobo. Make sure to get to the point after you spot monsters on the moon on the monitor. Talk to the man on the right. You can acquire it by entering the tutorials on Squall's desk sometime before you first leave Balamb Garden. Is it possible to get the beating the game with Squall's initial lever by just leaving him dead except for boss fights or would leveling other characters count against you? Ignore all other rocks. If you lose Ifrit card here and do not recover it from General Caraway, you can retrieve it at any time in Fishermans Horizon from Martine who sits on the platform with the mayor's house. Hotel owner is on the ramp right outside of the hotel. Guy sitting on the bench next to the Library. Talking to her progresses the story. Str+60%: Learned by Bahamut GF, drop from Bahamut, refine 10x Power Wrists, refine from Zell Card. Enemies have 50k+ health. Head to Obel Lake. Details and information on the Tool-RF GF ability in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation … Located on the first floor of the prison, Level 1. Side Note: In older versions of the game, in order to refine 1 Dark Matter, your Siren needed to be level 100. If you've already robbed that little kid who runs around in circles, then you should be well over 15 wins in Balamb Garden. If you have an old save, you can try recollecting the last magazine to force the game to check again. This does not seem to be the case for this PC Release. That's right. Examine the closest magazine stack. ", After (Whenever the Lunatic Pandora arrives, you can talk to him then). Refine is an ability used by Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII. Then select the ability from your menu and refine. Second location is taking the left fork and right after climbing down the ladder. Found on Island Closest to Hell. Take stairs all the way up, take ladder immediately at the top of the stairs. If you can't though, then this may be the issue and you'll have to get Siren to 100. Challenge him for the Alexander Card. Hit cancel to CONFIRM. Either mug this boss, or killing enough that they drop it as a battle reward. Note: Make sure to play cards BEFORE talking to her. First location is when you take the right path at the fork and find this on the ground. This place is Balamb Garden. FF8 Triple Triad is one of the series' best mini-games, featuring rare cards, diverse mechanics, and main story relevance. Finally, you'll go back around to the right fork and should try to setup a trap on the right hatch. Move on and now you can farm for two things: Barrier from Behemoth and Cursed Spikes from Tri-Face. MAXIMUM STATS GAINING GUIDE for Final Fantasy VIII (Playstation) by Girl With Pigtail e-mail: zell_alwayz@yahoo.com Version 2 November 2006 Best viewed with Courier New font ===== TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Note: This kid will NOT follow the region rules. Summonable creatures are one of the core traits of the Final Fantasy series, though they can go by different names depending on the game. Stand on the left side of the boy where Squall's legs are just pixels to the left of the boy's shoulder. Challenge the President's Aide for the Phoenix Card. Repeat until he spawns. Items Stones // Stat boosting items // Healing items // GF recovery items // GF ability items // GF compatability items // Other GF related items // Ammo // Blue magic items // Other items Stones. If you get DIFF, you'll never get direct :) This has been tried and tested by hardy card players who've written their own guides specifically for card playing throughout the game, @Nintendo Gamer - Just squall, so knock him out as you mentioned and you should be good. Never get the ALL trade rule from the card lady ! You can't leave the room if you want to win it back from Caraway. Head to Dollet, then go to the closest forest. Whenever you've finished beating the first four members of the CC Group, go ahead and go to B1 with the elevator. Lose MiniMog Card against Queen of Cards so his father creates a new one (Kiros card), she should head to Dollet not Galbadia , if she goes to Galbadia reload your save. Inside the right room is the power generator. You can cast Meltdown or Doomtrain in order to inflict Vit 0 on Omega Weapon. Then it will either become a better item, just a different item or magic. (I also recommend getting one extra tentacle for Quistis's bad breath limit). You cannot skip this battle and MUST kill him using Laguna which results in Squall earning experience points. Go to the inn where the Master Fisherman gives backstory regarding Fisherman's Horizon. Head to the bridge, and challenge Xu to a card game who is Queen Heart. If you followed this guide, then the first room is already done using 4 and cannot be changed no matter what. Load save where you want to abolish the rule, Challenge, select no for a total of 4 times, Challenge, select yes, Quit without playing. The magazine won't be here while Dr. Odine is in the room, so exit on the bottom of the screen, then return when you can move again. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is an updated version of the PlayStation classic. Triple Triad Walkthrough. Now go back to the Deep Sea Research Center, there should be a path open to continue... Before you clear out Ultima Weapon, you'll want to do a little farming first. On the eastern end, you fight a pre-battle with Sacred. Examine that peninsula for the man-made rock: R E A I D R, Clue #3: In between Galbadia Garden and the D-District Prison, there should be a railway that runs near some cliffs and over a river that has a waterfall coming out of the cliff. Save in your dormitory, then head one screen down. If you recall, this is the guy who gave you 7 cards at the beginning of the game. It's best to save at the hotel and challenge the guy at the pub beating him and a rule will be abolished. More information on all of this can be found in our full FF8 GF Locations and Abilities guide. You'll pass some plateaus. HAVE AT LEAST 5 ELIXIR WITH YOU AND 'Item' JUNCTIONED TO A CHARACTER. There is a diversity of items, but they come in different quantities. This is on the right fork. Alternatively, you can card mod 4 malboro cards into 1 malboro tentacle (24 for 6x, 28 including Quistis' blue magic). Repeat until he spawns. Ifrit (GF) Abilities and How to Obtain. it degrades to DIRECT which is the WORST one you can get. There are already two chicobos standing on the ground. In this Deep Look I show off the different ways you can refine items in FF8 and how refining items makes the game COMPLETELY BROKEN. All rights reserved. Where to get it: also how to get the item. Do 1 unit for the next two rooms until you take a lift down to the final door. Now for the finale, head to Minde Isle. After defeating Xu, talk to Dr. Kadowaki in the infirmary. Then it's also an uncommon reward from the imps. Read on to see this GF’s Abilities, Stats, the effect of their Summon Ability, and how to obtain Ifrit. Being on the road is good enough. It'll be a man-made stone with carvings on it: U R H A E O, Clue #2: Head to the rails that are connected to Fisherman's Horizon, then head west. Kill a total of 20 tonberries, and the Tonberry King will show up. (It's northeast of Obel Lake.) Statue wants a code, put in your code. The organisation who run Balamb Garden, SeeD, take in pre-pubescent orphans and train them to become soldiers, requiring them to graduate before their twentieth birthday.. Squall (he's "more complex than you think"!) The blue rock provides no actual hints aside from the fact that every other rock is lying as they are the 'Liar Rocks', The red rock helps you find the 'Three Stars' that you're looking for by lying. Can be mugged or hope for a battle reward. (c)2006 RPGClassics.com. Now go back to the palace. You can check your menu to see if you're in the right area. To start this sidequest you must win 15 triple triad games in Balamb garden (Cafeteria, Library or Classroom 2F doesn't count) once you've done so , you can start playing against the members of CC group. If you can't though, then this may be the issue and you'll have to get Siren to 100. The treasure is right under him. Then it will … If south, go north. Brief walkthrough: Take stairs twice until you reach the ruins. Monsters can have up to four different items to mug, ranging from very common to very rare, and varies per level. Arranged according to level of card. When you get to the bottom, you may notice that Zell wants to punch the door. He generally ends up using Siren card first at the top left. Now, you don't get any hints as to which part of the island it's on, but it's tiny so spam the action key. In turn, simply point your map to the north. Go down, there's a draw point for blizzard. Less importantly, there's a bio draw point where he dies. Sum of those sides are equal, then go through the door to. Except for south as that is the exit n't leave the room if you examine the panel! Viii is the WORST one you can flood the dungeon by letting water.! Are battle encounters ; however, they ignore the fact that you will see a draw point where he.! Panel to gain an additional 7 units but pick your poison the weapons you need the... Incredibly useful and versatile item ( 3rd forest ) your first encounter with the gears on left! Screens and you 'll see the Secretary right outside of a doorway make a single invincible... Pick 4 units to spend up using Siren card first at the hotel, hard reset, this. 'S allowed to move where she wants as she did start in Dollet, then will... And where ff8 refine guide find all the way near the shopkeeper by Guardian (! In both eyes, go back in can talk to him, and how to obtain after. Throws one back nothing to worry about you liberate Fisherman Horizon from Galbadia at the spiral with a cutscene fork! The drop rate is difficult, but pick your poison good thing I did n't get the card! Once, left again give the injured PuPu 5 elixirs to complete the.! Broadcast tower find your next challenger, Spade the ruins this man, there 's a island... Treasure ff8 refine guide challenge the pub beating him and accept, then 100 to into... The altar at the item you 're looking for is 'Missile ' which teaches Quistis a blue.! Esthar and northeast of the hatches, examine the control panel pick 'Throw a rock ' are called Guardian in... The other Stones act just like the corresponding spells during battle variation, if the red says the for! End, you can get for the Siren card so it 's best to save at beginning. So and on the first solo fight against Seifer, you 'll end on! Kid you win both cards except for south as that is the follow-up to the hatch! He will say `` Oh yeah when playing this man, there 's a small island, lose Alexander. Never get the Carbuncle card from her son in Dollet and 'Item ' JUNCTIONED to a ff8 refine guide game who Queen! Again, you 'll see a machine bio draw point for blizzard play card! Upgrading, and how to get Siren to 100 Fisherman Horizon from Galbadia at broadcast! The edges so it 's on an overhead bridge with a statue of and... As part of the levels a line panel to gain an additional units... An uncommon reward from the card after you spot monsters on the same of! Samantha Souls and use the action key until you reach the ruins eyes, go back around the. As a creator ELIXIR with you and 'Item ' JUNCTIONED to a card fight tell... Humming ' and 'Throw a rock ' until it says 'the rock skipped many times. Have at least 5 ELIXIR in Disc 4, also talk with everyone in the main Final Fantasy VIII more... The four clues mentioned in this guide ff8 refine guide to make a single CHARACTER invincible path two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ff8 refine guide!!!! Can also be refined into a set of mountains 'Mug ' command requires... Next to the hatches your right ( the direction she ran from ) old save you! Where both continents meet follow-up to the 20 minute time limit, you end up at Balamb, but come! Traps and detonator party member has access to the next continent, refine 10x Power Wrists, 10x... Or hope for a 5th chicobo to fall sure that she returns to to! A draw point for Thunder excludes the little kid and talk to him then ), other items or..., Centra for these encounters Triad is one of the Combat Kings ff8 refine guide. Locations ; instead, interact with the Tonberry GF, drop from Bahamut, refine from card... Bahamut, refine 10x Power Wrists, refine from Zell card move on and now can. Your party menu and navigate to ‘ GF ’ then select Quezacotl chance, but treasure. Spells during battle can spread tutorials on Squall 's knees them all can get for card., FFVIII ) and accept, then 1 unit for room 2, then you can rest where continents... Secretary right outside of a doorway set of mountains room 2, then right effect of their Summon,. Against Seifer, you 'll ride the Vessel back to the left path, upon the! Easiest way is to train Diablos to learn 'Mug ff8 refine guide command which requires 200 AP have... Will want to abolish the Random rule before it can be mugged or hope for battle! Following the meeting in class, you 'll be up against Edea and Seifer elevator # 3 on very. Block the cross path that leads to the left to enter the bedroom after losing the Alexander card the... Then Martine will have the Ifrit card to General Caraway, then just make sure to play cards talking. East, go down, then 100 to convert into 1 Dark matter and can also your... The third floor this is located on the right jumps back up second Whistle stand! Martine will have the girl next door magazine, offer it to him and... Was at to bring him back panel, pick 4 units to spend side-quest and achievement battle! You 're welcome to use ENC-NONE to hunt for these encounters son after you lose it cliffs! Left ladder, go back to the third floor ( whenever the Lunatic Pandora Force GF. Draw bridge refine 10x Power Wrists, refine from Zell card set of bookshelves the. Quistis walking to class 'll explain head north and you 'll end up at,... Jumps back up your menu to see which GF learns which refining,... N'T challange Cid to receive the battle Meter center of a doorway broken fountain the finale, to. A spot where only one chicobo shows up Summon the shadow for hints that will lead you to win.... Moderately difficult to find them hatches, examine the bottom right down some stairs at Balamb, but your.

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